Maui Temperature In May

One of the dresses I'm interested in is strapless but the material is a little heavy so my mom is worried I might be really hot - can anyone tell me about the weather at the start of May?  I saw the average high is around 83 but the ceremony will be at 4pm and I figure it will just be getting cooler from that point on.  Thanks!

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Re: Maui Temperature In May

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    I actually think it's the hottest at 3-4, then it starts to cool down.  Keep in mind that if you're on the water, it's usually very breezy due to the trade winds.
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    Yep, hottest at 4. We were right on the water too, and I almost died in my dress (and it was lightweight).

    But, hopefully you're not a super sweaty person like me!
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    That is why we pushed our wedding back to 5:00, I know even at 5 it's still gonna be hot (especially in a wedding dress!), but I didn't want to be out in the sun any earlier.  Plus, I want our guests to enjoy their trip to Maui and be able to spend the daytime at the beach! 
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