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What to do with wedding gifts???

Since this is a destination wedding and we'll be out of town for a good chunk of time, what/how did you guys tell guests where and when to send gifts (if they are planning to give gifts that is)?  I also don't want anyone to lug things to the wedding (which would also mean we have to lug it back home).

I'll be packing up my apartment and moving in with the fiance a few weeks before our wedding and we'll be gone for x amount of time.  I'm only having a small gift registry and putting the rest on Honeyfund since we both have more than enough household stuff combined.  I just don't want unexpected items to be shipped to the house (or worse....my apartment that i'll no longer be a resident at) and sitting on the porch or returned to senders while we're gone.

How did you guys word it on your wedding website or whatever you announced your registry on?  I'd prefer that if people were planning to send anything, to send after we're back..

Re: What to do with wedding gifts???

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    We live in an apartment so they're holding all gifts for us in their front office. i feel like you can tell the post office to hold things but I don't know how that works with registries. I know macy's uses ups.. Maybe ups can be notified? I'm sorry I'm  not very helpful... I''m curious to hear what others say!

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    Just make sure the mailing address on your registries is where you want your gifts sent, and you should be fine.  

    Otherwise, people know that you'll be gone, and that you'd prefer not to ship stuff home from Hawaii.  I don't think you have to tell them on a website.  

    We got mostly gift cards and checks from those who gave us gifts at the wedding, and others shipped us stuff either way beforehand, or soon after they learned we were back.  The only actual guest who gave us a gift we had to ship home was my mom (who gave us a glass fish she bought there and me putting something on a website wouldn't have stopped her :) ).

  • AKWinterBrideAKWinterBride
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    We simply aren't saying anything.  We aren't registering anywhere, and truly don't expect gifts, but if people bring them I assume it will be money.  No one wants to haul the presents to Maui anymore than we want to  haul them back! 
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    I agree with PPs, I think people will know that (1) you don't want to lug back big gifts from Hawaii and (2) you will not be home around the wedding.  As a backup, is there a neighbor or someone who could periodically check to make sure there are no packages sitting outside?  I'd get USPS to hold your mail temporarily so it doesn't build up in your mailbox.  Other than that, you can spread the message that you'd prefer gifts be sent after you get back by word of mouth.  I don't know...I just feel really awkward about talking about gifts in general in writing.
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    My husband asked a friend to stop by and check our mail, etc. while we were gone.  It was only about a week, since we didn't take our honeymoon right after the wedding, but we still came back to about 6 boxes of wedding gifts from our registry.  I think some people realized the wedding was coming up and ordered a gift, not really calculating that it would arrive while we were gone.  Plus, things get backordered, etc. If you can find someone to check for you that would be ideal.  And as pp said, if your address is correct with the registry, those gifts will all go to the right place.

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