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Dress Fitting

So I had my dress fitting today.  I knew when I bought the dress I would either need to lose 5 more pounds, wear spanx or have it let out.  So i lost 3, bought 4 different types of body shaper things and the seamstress decided it couldn't be let out to make it better.  I started crying, the seamstress literally had to excuse herself and take a break, the manager of the boutique just started going all over the store......it was awful.  I am not overweight.....5'4" and 122 pounds. - i just have this stomach pooch.  She finally comes up to me and hands me this dress and tells me to try it on.  I told her I hated the back.  She said trust me, try it on.  I did and it looked beautiful.  Seamstress came back out and everyone in the store was saying how much better this one looked, but of course I still hated the back.  Short version.....she is basically remaking the dress from the waist up.  Cut the back off and turned it into a halter, opened up the chest, put more beading and such on it.  After she pinned it up it looked 200% better and I will be able to eat the first 4 days in Hawaii without worrying whether I'm going to gain an ounce.  The dress was $50 more than my old one and they exchanged it, which I was just shocked by.  I don't even want to discuss how much the alterations were until i have another glass of wine lol.  The seamstress was flipping when she realized I leave in 16 days.   I got in my car and wanted to throw up on my shoes.  Called FI crying....told him we would talk when I got home.  Everything would be okay, it just cost him some money lol.  He picked out the original dress so now I'm thinking maybe it wasn't meant for him to see it before the wedding.

Sorry for the length of this.  What a day....  I can't believe 3 weeks before the wedding and I'm changing dresses!!

Re: Dress Fitting

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    OMG, how traumatic! Those last five lbs are always the hardest.  I'm so glad it worked out in a way.  I hope you're very happy with your new dress. I'm sure you'll look beautiful no matter what--it is your day! The important thing is that you feel beautiful. 

    I love your perspective at the end, maybe your FI just wasn't meant to see it.  Love it.  
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    Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a terrible experience.  :(  Now I'm really scared of dress fittings! 

    I'm really glad that it worked out in the end though and everything came through.  You're really fortunate to have found a new dress just in the nick of time!  I'm sure it'll look stunning once all the alterations are done!  :)  As Brittana said, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable on the day-of. 

    Not sure whether it's any comfort, but I recently read a story about a bride who spent thousands on her dream dress.  On the big day, moments before going down the aisle, a glass bottle of foundation broke and splattered all over the base of her dress.  They ended up being an hour late with everyone pitching in with toothbrushes and cleaning fluid to get the stains out!  But the bride had such a positive attitude and it didn't damper her mood in the least.

    Long story, but at least it shows that worse things have happened to other people at the last minute!  And it really hit home to me that it's all about attitude.... 

    At least you have a few weeks left to make things work and to have another fitting.  It sounds like you're working with professionals, so at least you're in good hands!  Keep positive and hang in there!  :)
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    OMG! That's some drama right there.

    You know what though, you got a dress that you're going to look ah-may-zing in, and that you'll get to enjoy all the deliciousness of Hawaii in! I think your outcome was really, REALLY good in the end. Or at least it will be in two weeks when you're flying off to paradise!
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    wow both your story and the one spilling foundation all over are like wow.  I know I would definitely cry and a lot.  But your attitude is so great and your  positive thinking is impressive.  Perhaps it is better luck that he didn't see the dress.  Isn't there a saying that says that better luck comes if he doesnt see the dress beforehand.  Not trying to be superticious but perhaps it is a sign - that you'll have such a wonderful luck in your marriage :) and that day you will look stunning I can already see it just because of you attitude :).  In thinking back, I think i will try to follow your attitude - no matter what positive thinking :).
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    Oh dear, I am so sorry about your traumatic dress fitting! Crossing my fingers that your dress fits you like a glove!
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    Thanks Ladies!  24+ hours later and I think I have absorbed all of this.  Definitely a sign from the universe that FI is not suppose to see this dress.  Last night I kept thinking.....what other choice do I have.  Now I'm going to look like 2 million bucks (yes, it's that much better lol), I'm going to be able to eat the first 4 days lol and what is meant to be shall be.  I think I'm okay with it.  The boutique had gone over and beyond so i trust them.  It's all going to be fine!

    Thanks again ladies!
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