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    I am not a huge makeup person either so I typically wear mineral make up. For our Epics I had my make up done my a MAC person and I actually ended up buying a bunch of stuff because I loved the way it felt compared to mineral makeup. The pictures turned out great as well. The makeup looked very natural and not over the top at all. I hope this somewhat helps...
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    Ditto! MAC is stage make-up, really. It'll give you a more polished look than mineral make-up (which is what I use for my every day too). For even longer staying power, I totally recommend air brushing though. It's definitely worth the upgrade in price - especially if you're going to be outside for an extended period of time AND you're a sweaty person like I am.
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    I've heard that mineral make up isn't great for pics. My make-up person used the airbrushing and it was amazing! I don't remember it feeling heavy or sticky and it lasted all day.


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    Im a makeup artist as well and she is completely on point. Mineral makeup does create a glare becuase it contains a good amount zinc oxide as a natural sunscreen. MAC and any other stage makeup is formulated for theater which looks great in photos and video. I also reccommend using ben nye transluscent over your makeup as it is pretty much an antiperspirant for the face. It works wonderfully!
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    i have always loved MAC. i read all over the knot that mineral makeup comes out white and shiny in pictures too.
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    i learned A LOT from this post! thanks!
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