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Flying with the dress!

FI just got off the phone with JAL...they have no space to hang my dress!!!  I think I have to check it or send it to the hotel.  I'm a little nervous about it...someone want to tell me a story about how they did the same and it all worked out perfectly???   thanks! 
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Re: Flying with the dress!

  • lindskalindska member
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    Hi Adrianne! SOOO CLOSE!!! OH my gosh, I can't believe it's almost time! Your ticker has kinda been my ticker, too, and I can not BELIEVE that it currently says one week and six days to go.......wow!
    About JAL, I don't have any real advice, but I wonder if you were to call in English to their office in Tokyo or wherever HQ is, then maybe someone would help you?  Girls might be more accommodating to other girls, but you never know (sorry about the gender profiling, there ~ oops).  OR if you are feeling daring, carry it on and use some super keigo when you get on the plane, then they will make some room for your dress in the business-class closet, don't you think??? be as ''pure'' and sweet as possible and I think someone might help you out!?! sorry, seriously don't know the best solution!!! 
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    Hawaiian airlines doesn't have closests either. So, for that leg of my trip, I just folded it up neatly and stored in it the overhead bin. When I got to Hawaii, I put it in the same room as a steamy shower and that got most of the crinkles out.

    Having said that, the closets in first class aren't full size (I had one for my first two legs), so the dress still tends to get wrinkled even there.
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    I would still carry it on. I'd be too nervous to ship/check it.

    They couldn't accommodate my dress in the first class closet for the first leg of my trip. At first, the stewardesses were going to help me find a place in the overhead bin where it wouldn't get crushed, but one of them suggested laying it on top of the life preservers in the back. It was a big enough ledge to lay it out flat.

    For the second leg, I hung it in the first class closet. Like Alyson said, the closet is short so I think the dress got more wrinkles there than it would have in the overhead bin.

    My dress didn't even need to be pressed when I got to Hawaii.

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    I would still carry it on to make sure it's actually with you. I'd also be too scared for it to get lost. When the flight attendants saw me carrying my dress, I didn't have to say anything, they just took it from me and put it in the closet. Good luck!


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    Wow time flys!!  So excited for you.
    I would not check your dress!  You don't need that added stress.
    I carried on my dress from BOS-LAX.  Virgin America's aircrafts don't have closets so I just folded my dress and placed in the overhead bin.
    If you're really concerned about JAL gate agent/flight attendants giving you a hard time.  You may want to consider an extra seat for your dress.

    Good luck!
  • FuturekochFuturekoch member
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    Hi there. I'd be afraid to check your dress. Pack it in a ton of tissue and carry it on. I don't know if you are getting married on Oahu but if so I plan on taking my dress to get steamed at The Bridal Boutique.


    Have a wonderful wedding!!
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    Great  question...I was worried about how my dress will get to Hawaii.  My sister is taking my dress for me and she's more nervous about traveling with it than I am.  We just discussed having a backup plan if there is no room.  The first leg of her trip will be on a smaller plane with no closet space and small overhead bins.  Usually carry-on bags are checked in for the 30 min flight.  Plan A: My sister is going to ask nicely and sweetly if there will be any open seats to lay the dress.  Plan B: fold the dress carefully and stuff gently into overhead bin. Plan C: this is last resort, put dress into a small carry-on bag and have it checked in for the short flight.  Hopefully she can hang the dress for the long 2nd flight.

    Oh I'm getting my dress steamed/cleaned/pressed in Hawaii anyhow, so a little wrinkle won't hurt. 

    Let us know what you do! I'm curious.
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  • machan2010machan2010 member
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    Thanks girls!  I checked out their website and I'm allowed a carry on and a "shopping bag".  So, I'll fold it up carefully and get it into a shopping bag so it can be with me on the plane. Thankfully it's not a huge, poofy dress!  I can't believe we are so close now, thanks again for the advice!
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