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So I'm starting to stress/worry/etc about our ceremony time.  I said I wanted sunset and in my mind means have the ceremony plus plenty of time to take pictures afterwards.  My coordinator said we'll all meet at the beach at 5:45 then have the ceremony at 6...sunset is 7:15....does anybody think we should start earlier in order to have enough pictures? 

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    how long is your ceremony going to be? short and sweet or a little on the longer side?

    if it would make you feel better, move the time up 15-30 mins earlier, just in case the start time is late. We had a post awhile back about pictures at sunset and someone mentioned that right after the sun goes down, it gets DARK fast. You might want to take that into consideration, so have more time before the sunset to get your pictures.
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    i would also suggest moving your timeline up a little bit because the sun does set really fast. and once it does start to set, the light goes down dramatically.

    do you only want sunset pictures? if not, you may want to move the ceremony up and have 'daytime' pictures before your sunset pictures.

    plus, you can never go wrong with TOO many wedding pictures to choose from :)
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    Ditto the girls! Sunset was at 7:01 for us, and we started taking sunset pictures at 6:20 ish.
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    Thanks ladies....I'm trying not to be a total control freak crazy bride but I just have this feeling that doing the ceremony at 6 won't be enough time.  I have a month left and have been totally fine and bam now I'm stressing big time.  ahhhh
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    The sun is setting at 7:18 for us and our ceremony starts at 4:30. We're doing pics and then starting dinner....then the two of us with sneak away for sunset pics at like 6:30 i think.
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    Ours is realllllly small.....it's just the two of us, his parents and brother and we're just going to some nice place to eat after we're done with pictures and I figured we don't need our photographer there at the restaurant.  I sent my photographer an email to see what she thinks but I really feel that moving the ceremony up at least a half hour is the best thing to do. 

    Did I mention I'm stressed out?  haha
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