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    Dude.  LOVE.   THANK YOU!  LOL FI loves it too.  "OOOH I like the yellow converse.  OOOH I like the centerpieces.  OOOH white plates.  OOOH we should do slate tablecloths"

    We're such groupies.  It's all about the last idea we saw...LOL.
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    BTW...PMing you back on the Westin.  The gal we worked with is on maternity leave, but she sent us the new person's name.  :)
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    I know...every time i look at something i am like oh i need to incorporate this...that is SO pretty or cool...i need to do this...lol.  Inspiration is a good thing but can also get a little overwhelming. These weddings were just to nice not to pass on. J. :-)

    Oh thanks for the westin contact...i actually finally spoke with her tonight.  Their rates have gone up some so they are seeing if there is anything they can do. Thx again...gotta love knottie contacts! J. Smile

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