Maui Wedding Planner?

Just got engaged a couple weeks ago, so excited! My fiance and i love Maui and would love to get married there.

Does anyone know a good wedding planner? I contacted White Orchid Weddings, spoke to someone at length who took my information and never emailed me the info they said they would.  Not promising!

Re: Maui Wedding Planner?

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    We worked with Lori Lawrence and Jackie Tanaka at Tropical Maui Weddings, and loved them.  Review in bio.
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    Check the maui wedding planning link in my siggy--it has a list of the most popular vendors.
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    I REALLY appreciate the referrals, thank you!! :)
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    I dialogued with somoene at White Orchid Wedding and she was very helpful but, in the end, I found their fee turned me off.  They wanted to charge a percentage on top of everything spent on vendors.  I don't understand that model - if I chose a $1000 photography package vs a $5000 photography package, it does not change the coordinators work five-fold but it does dramatically increase their fee.  We are looking at having a good size crowd and this is costing a lot already - I didn't want the cooridnators fee to be a variable.  

    I also talked to Lori at Tropical Maui Weddings (largely based on kudos seen here on the Knot).  She was very helpful and her flat fee was reasonable - I only didn't go with her because she primarily does the Olawalu events and we are going with Sugarman's.  It would have been her colleague handling ours - I felt a bit strange after having dialogued with her to possibly wind up working with a different individual.

    In the end, we have gone with Kara Byrne of Your Aloha Wedding.  I can't vouch for her entirely as the wedding won't happen until July.  But, her fee was very reasonable, she has been very helpful and responsive so far and has also had creative cost saving ideas.  She doesn't mind if I set up vendors outside of her contract/her connections - I just recognize that she can't vouch for them or guarantee their work.   

    Good luck!
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    Oh my gosh, I just wrote this long response about my WC and then it got deleted!!  Okay, so short version now!  I looked for a month, tried talking to many websites that wouldn't return calls or even tried selling me a 32 grand sunset wedding package after I said I wanted a cheaper morning wedding!  I decided on Arabelle at ancienthawaiianweddings.com.  She even met her husband on a beach in Maui, so she has a soft spot for romance on the island.  She has made everything so incredibly easy for me!  Everything is already planned except for the flowers because I'm being too picky and haven't found one I love yet.  She never once tried selling me anything.  She makes suggestions based on what I want and my visions.  She used one of her packages and then customized it to fit our wedding and our budget.  She is just fabulous and really treats you exactly how a bride should be treated.  I always get a response within 24 hours or she tells me in advance when she won't be able to get back to me quickly because of other weddings.  So much better than wondering if and when your WC will get back to you!  I have nothing but raves about her and so my aunt and uncle who met her while they were in Maui last month!
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    We planned with Gabrielle of Blue Sky Weddings. I found her to be really personable, easy to talk with and flexible. She works with great vendors and has a lot of experience and is really organized. I felt well taken care of through out the entire process.
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