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NWR: I have a new neighbour =S

Okay, let's just start by saying he's not technically my neighbour. He lives in the 3rd floor apartment of the house behind me, and I can see him from my bathroom window and from one of my kitchen windows.

Now, the reason I know that apartment well is because it has a roof deck up there. For the better part of two years, there was an old guy there who used to lie around in a speedo... or nothing at all. It was gross.

I got curtains for the bathroom and the kitchen.

So, creepy old guy moved out, and we got young hot guy (mid twenties) moving in. Alright. Smooth sailing and no more grossness, right?

Oh, how I was wrong.

Last night while I was doing dishes, I looked out and he was up on the roof, wearing a pair of basketball shorts and staring at me. (Phil tells me he couldn't have seen me, because we didn't have our lights on, so at the very least, he was looking in through our window.) Then he reached into his pants and adjusted himself. Alright, so a little gross, but he's a mid-20s boy. What do they know?

And then he turned sideways, treating me to the vision of the largest erection I have EVER seen. Like, we're talking HUGE.

I actually shrieked, ducked behind some counters and started laughing hysterically. My cousin, who was visiting, came running in and wanted to see it, but the guy had left the roof top at that point.

OMG, I don't know what to do! I don't want to see that kind of silliness! If he starts jerking off out there, I'm gonna freak out.

Anyone else have gross neighbours?

Re: NWR: I have a new neighbour =S

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