Need a venting moment....

I'm a little peeved right now, even though there's nothing I can do about it.  I originally based my numbers on a group of my aunts taking a girls trip...and two of them decided to bring their husbands.

I guess I can't be upset since they would like to make a vacation out of my wedding, but ironically neither of their Save the Dates had their husbands names on them.  Oh well, looks like our number is now 52.  I guess it could be worse.

We shall see...all I have to say is I am so happy that the number is 52, because if our wedding was at home it would probably be 352.

Have a good night girls!
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Re: Need a venting moment....

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    Yea, that's tough, because even if you think and expect family members will come to the wedding without their spouses, you really have to invite the spouses because a married couple is a social unit.

    Think of it this way - the difference between 50 and 52 isn't that much.  And you'll probably have a couple ppl drop out as you get closer, too.
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    vent away! but as you said 52 is better than 352!  :) always an upside.  Hang in there :) i'm kinda anxious when the invitation time (awhile from now) comes for me...i'll bet I need to vent a lot and possibly a few drinks hehe :)
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    Carrie's right - spouses have to be included in invites. 52 isn't bad though especially given the alternative. 350?!? Holy moly.
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    Yayyyy - somebody else to take over my venting rants lol.  Sometimes they are just needed!   352 - OMG, yeah, lets be thrilled with 52 lol.

    Hang in there.
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    Thanks for listening girls and for the perspective...

    I know it was extremely silly but figured if I complained about it to anyone else they just wouldn't understand.  I think I just needed a good nights sleep... :)

    The situation now is just laughable...after all our ceremony/reception is extremely laid back...so we'll just need a larger beach permit ;)

    Once again have a great night girls!  
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