I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies,  I just thought that I would let you all know that I am using a wedding planner for my wedding day and up to that day. I wasn't going to but I had heard alot of people talking about their wedding and how they had a wedding planner and how they were able to enjoy their day instead of stressing all day about everything. So I am going with Platinum Designs Event Planning. I met with 9 wedding planners and decided to go with them. they were young and very nice and outgoing. What made them stand out the most was they wanted to make sure that whatever I wanted they would do there best to make happen. The others just sounded more like they wanted to steer me in other directions. For instance I told this one that  I don't want a church wedding because my FI was not religious but they still were trying to get me to go to the church. I just felt more comfortable with these girls. Their phone number is 417-837-9288 and web address is platinumdesignsep.com Just give them a call.
Posted by chalis&richard

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