Outdoor Wedding - Keeping bugs away?

How did or will you be keeping mosiquitos and other flying critters away from your guests and the yummy food during your reception? Our reception is on concrete so we aren't able to stake tiki torches down, so I was thinking of using citronella votive candles as part of the centerpiece. What did you ladies do?

Re: Outdoor Wedding - Keeping bugs away?

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    i guess you could do the citronella candles! and also it would probably depend on where your wedding is. Most times the mosquitos live near ponds or forests/streams, so if you are by the ocean you will be ok!

    We had our reception outside, no bugs, no problem! :)
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    Depending on your venue, you can also ask them to have the grounds treated just before the event.  Beyond that, I hadn't really thought about it!
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    If it's on the ocean, the breeze will do the job. I know we didn't have any problems with bugs at Olowalu. Otherwise, pocket sized bug spray in the bathroom? I don't really believe citronella works... at least it doesn't up at my cottage! We just get used to being eaten alive.
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    I am with you Kaesha, up here we are known for our humongous mosquitos, and we have found Citronella doesn't really do much.  Heck, bug dope doesn't even do that much against the monsters we have up here!  It seems like smoke  (campfire) works well, but obviously  not for a weddding. 
    I think as long as you aren't by stangnent water you should be good.  I've honestly never noticed bugs at all in Maui and I have been there a bunch.   I mean, I've noticed roaches and such, but not any annoying bugs like mosquitoes or flies or anything. 
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