Flowers/Vases at Costco-Oahu

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what type of flower bunches Costco has? I plan on having a friend of mine arrange the centerpieces of the reception to keep costs low.

Also if anyone knows a place where to get pretty clear vases of all sizes (maybe even some hurricanes), please let me know.

Thank you!
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Re: Flowers/Vases at Costco-Oahu

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    On hawaii, floradec has a good selection of vases. They give discounts if ordered in cases. :)
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    not sure what types of flowers costco sells, but you can check floradec or ben franklin for vases.

    however, since it's hawaii, prices for glass vases are marked up (shipping). if you can buy them in CA (i know LA has a flower district, so not sure about norcal) for cheaper, you may want to put them in suitcases (that's what we did - we bought them here for 80% off).
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    and if you really don't care about them matching... you can always check Goodwill and Savers... very cheap! I managed to find 14 vases that all matched for a buck each :)
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    We packed our vases in checked luggage.  We had 8 vases very well packaged with shipping foam and bubble wrap, and we only lost the two 24" ones which shattered into a zillion little pieces.  The other six were undamaged though.  I found them for dirt cheap here, so even with paying for an extra piece of luggage it came out cheaper than buying in Hawaii.  And we decided that if none of them made it, we'd just find what we could on the island and make it work.

    One bit of advice, pack each vase in it's own plastic bag, so that way it's easier to dispose of if they do shatter!  We didn't and it was an interesting mess to try and clean up the luggage.

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    Great thanks for all the info ladies!

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