Did your shoes fit in the heat?

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So I know heat swells the feet...did any of you have problems with your shoes? I just tried on my shoes today since its so super hot here and they were tight and uncomfortble and then I wore the same ones half a size bigger and they were too big. So just curious if anybody else had that problem?

Re: Did your shoes fit in the heat?

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    What are they made of?  If they're leather, you can put KY Jelly (yes, really!) on the tight parts, and then wear them for a while. Would you be willing to wear them around the house a few times to stretch them out, so they'll be comfortable for the wedding?

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    I didn't have a problem but all shoes are different.
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    I found my shoes online. The store recommended ordering a half size larger in the style I bought. When I got them, I walked around the house in them and thought they fit fine. But when I wore them for our last dance lesson, they felt too big and my heels were slipping out. By then it was too late to exchange them for a different size. Fortunately, I didn't have any problems the day of the wedding. They fit perfectly. I didn't even attribute it to the heat and my feet swelling, but that could be why they were just right. :)
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