I'm back & we're married! Vendor reviews & link to our highlights video :)!

Aloha everyone!  We had an amazing time and it was so nice to be surrounded by our family & friends.  The weather was extremely nice to us and I am extremely thankful for that.  It poured the night before, sprinkled a bit the evening of our wedding, and then rained again the next day.  I was amazed how relaxed I was.  I thought I was going to be a wreck, but I wasn't.  My MOH & I even did some power shopping at Ross that morning :).  I bought 4 dresses in 15 minutes! 

Everything was wondeful and we had some great surprises...a gecko showed up on our patio at the Ihilani while I was getting ready and the videographer got my ring and was able to capture some footage of it next to my ring!  My bridesmaids said a ladybug landed on my dress during the ceremony and we had a beautiful rainbow show up as well.  I am so grateful for everything and everyone.  I wanted to thank all of you for your help & inspiration.  I didn't get to post as often as I wanted, but I am still determined to make a planning bio & married bio that will hopefully help some of our new brides-to-be!  In the meantime, here are a few vendor reviews.  I was actually really happy with all of my vendors.  Our guests really liked them as well. 

Dianna Shitanishi - DOC - Awesome!  I probably wasn't the easiest bride-to-be.  I was pretty indecisive because I loved everything :).  She always managed to answer all of my questions in a timely manner and had some great recommendations.  She helped confirm my vendors and coordinated with all of them to make sure everyone knew the plan.  I invited her to our Welcome luncheon on a Sunday and we walked over to Kapiolani Park after for the rehearsal.  We loaded up her truck with all of her supplies and I really didn't send her instructions & seating assignments until the evening before.  I may have even left some things out, but Dianna & Wai seemed to know everything I wanted and even surprised me with things I didn't even think of.  They really went above & beyond.  Everyone had a wonderful time and it wouldn't have been possible without Dianna & Wai. 

10th Letter Media - We love Julian & Philip and all of our guests loved them as well.  They not only did an amazing job on our highlights video, they were extremely friendly and easygoing.  Our AHR was last Saturday, the Saturday right when we returned, so I wanted a highlights video to show.  I can't believe they finished our video so quickly and Julian even delivered the final copy to us at our hotel.  We were able to play it at our AHR and everyone loved it.  They are so creative and I really enjoy their work.  He posted it in his blog.  I definitely recommend them and I can't wait to see our full video!

www.10thlettermedia.com/blog" target="_blank">www.10thlettermedia.com/blog 

Creations in Catering - Herb was awesome to work with.  I changed my mind on a few things a few times and he was always so accommodating.  I loved how he personalized our appetizers...Brides favorite - local spam jam musubi, Grooms favorite - I'll have another cheezeburger please (mini sliders :)).  We also had Thai spring rolls that everyone loved.  We had a traditional Hawaiian buffet including 3 types of poke.  Everyone loved whatever theywere brave enough to try :).  The staff was amazing and so friendly.  Our guests kept commenting on how great the staff was.  We made plates for ourselves but then had to leave for sunset pictures.  When we got back our food was cold, so the staff made new plates for us.  I would definitely use them for another event, maybe even an anniversary celebration next year :)!

Jose Roces Photography - I can't wait to see our pictures!  Jose was great and very easy to work with.  He even came to see us at our hotel before our wedding.  I really appreciated that and I definitely recommend meeting with your photographer before the big day.  We were able to work out a lot of details I didn't have finalized.  He made a lot of great suggestions.  We chose him based on his work from his blog and because his prices were reasonable.  He brought an assistant, showed up early, and even stayed later.  It's always great to work with someone that really cares about their work and their client.  Another great vendor!

Beauty by May - May is amazing!  She was great to work with when I did my H&M trial in during my last trip, and she was just as great this time.  My hunny does not long tons of makeup on me.  He really loved her work.  She also did such a wonderful job on my MOH & bridesmaids.  I will definitely have to post some pix of the insane job she did on my cousins hair.  My cousins hair goes down to below her knees.  I don't know how she did it, but she managed to put it all up and it looked amazing!  Everyone was so shocked.  She is so sweet and great to work with.  You cannot go wrong with May!

TPT transportation - such a beautiful bus and very reasonable.  Communication wasn't as easy as the others, but still great to work with.  We only road the bus back after the wedding but I know everyone loved & definitely appreciated it.  It was very comfortable, and again, very beautiful.  If it fits in your budget, definitely provide transportation for your guests.  I would use them again!

Lina's Lei's & Flowers in Chinatown - extremely reasonable and beautiful leis.  We order leis for our us, our entire wedding party, both sets of parents, grandmother, all of our guests, and for our bamboo arch...57 leis for $395!  I couldn't have been happier with them.  During my last visit, I thought I had my lei place chosen. When I went to order, the lady wasn't in.  My mother & I walked into a couple other shops and ended up at Lina's.  We were so lucky we did.  The prices were even better and they had a great variety.  I will definitely be going back during my next visit.

Always Flowers - Todd had some personal issues while we were working together.  For the most part, he responded quickly, had great recommendations, and was very friendly.  Again, I wasn't the easiest bride-to-be because I loved everything.  I did change my mind a week before the wedding, so I'm sure that was a bit frustrating.  I wasn't quite sure I was going to have flowers since I didn't hear from him, but he did communicate with Dianna, so I just had faith.  The bouquet didn't quite turn out the way I had envisioned, but it really grew on me.  Everyone thought it was beautiful.  I think he did a great job.  I chose wrist corsages for our bridesmaids.  He surprised me by attaching the flowers to a beautiful pearl looking thick bracelet.  The girls loved them.  Despite some of our issues, I would use Todd again.  I know personal issues & things happen, but he came through in the end.

Accel Rentals - they did a wonderful job.  I really loved the color of our tablecloths and our really loved our wooden plates.  The set up was exactly what I wanted.  Dianna did a great job coordinating everything.  I didn't realize how expensive all of those things are, but I knew it was part of the deal when we chose Lanikuhonua.  Very easy to work.

Custom Audio Hawaii - we flew in our Kumu to do our ceremony, cocktail, & wedding music.  He did our Welcome Chant & blessing as well.  We rented a amp, 2 speakers, mic stand, & mics from Custom Audio, recommended by Dianna.  John was very easy to work with and they were very reasonable.  He even told us if we picked up the equipment ourselves it would save us money, so we did.  We returned the next day and everything worked out perfect.
Party Favors - Honolulu Cookie Company (yummy!) and lauhala baskets & coconut honus from East Asian Basket company.  I love that place!

Welcome Bags, liquor, & pineapples for centerpieces - Costco & Walmart.  I love, love, love these stores :)

Hope this helps!

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