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Friday Check-in!

What's happening ladies?!? Can you believe we're at the end of February already?

Anyone get anything exciting accomplished this week? Anything unexciting?

Re: Friday Check-in!

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    Ooh, we're getting almost 6k back for our tax refunds so I'm thinking a vacay to Hawaii for our honeymoon would be awesome.
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    I've accomplished a lot this week!  A lot of wedding planning.  Finally got the ring situation under control and ordered, got my shoes, working on final floral quote, paid for the "rehearsal" evening, and with one more day I think invitations will be complete.

    Bad news for this week.....the BM tore his ACL skiing last weekend and is having an MRI today to determine if it's torn completely though or just a tear, if torn completely through - major surgery.  I'm already in a panic he won't make it.  He says he'll make it regardless he just may not be hiking Diamond Head or anything.   Of course FI is all laid back about it.  Send the good juju ladies, you know how these things go.

    Business is nuts thankfully....ohhhh and I went to the feng shui store and bought a few more things for the year of the Tiger.  I need all the help I can get right now lol.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
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    Oh my gosh... it has been forever since I have been on the board.  I miss you girls soo much.  We've had a lot going on in our little world.  Not so much exciting, but we are getting through it.  My DH was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, so we are navigating this interesting new journey, and working with a few naturopaths to see if there is anything we can do naturally to get his pancreas to start working again.  Check out our blog (link in my siggy) for more information on all of this. 

    Outside of that, we are heading to Oregon next weekend to have an open-house to celebrate our marriage with DH's family and friends.  There are quite a few stories that could go into this too... but just send me lots of good vibes that all goes absolutely wonderful!

    Hope you are all doing well!!
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    My MOH came and visited last weekend, which was a blast. I posted this on the May board, but I have to repost it here. She posted this on facebook in honor of her visit: a pic of me feeding her bubbles in the bath. She's eating it without complaint. Love her so much!

    We finally sent out the invites, and we've been getting RSVPs like crazy. I love getting the mail now. :) Otherwise, not much to report on the planning front.

    Kaesha: I'm so jealous of your tax return.
    Sandy: Great checks! Hope everything works out with the BM.
    Leah: lots of vibes for FI.
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    FI and I are in the process of packing up all of our worldly possessions and getting ready to move to the other side of the country :P  we've been living all over the world for a few years now and we're ready to start living like grown-ups. SCARY!!

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    I am going to "enjoy" my last weekend here in NY (yeah right, I thoroughly dislike where my school is! the boonies!)... I am pretty much all packed up and ready to go, so I will just be relaxing, sleeping in, and working out. Hopefully I'll get some Skype time in with FI as well! I have 4 days of class left and then graduation, and then I get to move across the country again. I'm so excited!!! :)
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    Wow! So glad this week is over...it was really tough week at work, FI was away taking a bar exam, and we got really great (but stressful) news. My brother's wife just found out she's pregnant, BUT, she's due on our wedding date! The exact date! This is definitely a surprise for them, and their first, and of course we are all very excited for them but now FI and I are torn whether or not we should postpone the wedding. The date is special (its our 12th anniversary) but I cannot imagine have the wedding without my brother there.

    So we have a lot to think about this weekend, but I am really looking forward to just relaxing! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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    I don't post much, but I read get lots of ideas from everyone!! Thanks!

    Anyways, I felt like we finally made great progess this week: booked our sites and photographers ~ well almost, no money has been paid, but spots are being held for us and we rec'd contracts today!!!! After several shopping trips, I'm pretty certain I also decided on my dress. I'm going back next week to try it on again and hopefully purchase! Laughing  We also sent out our STD's, which we have gotten lots of great responses from. It's so fun to see everyone get excited for the trip and our wedding.
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    Wow, busy weeks all around!
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    i'm a day late but it was a crazy week.  It was my first 5 day week...i think i got spoiled from our state's furlough system.  We did a lot of things wedding this week.  We booked a photographer (frank amodo), hair and make up (beauty by may) and we reserved an officiant (alice inoue).  We're now looking into a videographer as well as a florist :) great job girls on lasting through a busy week.
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