Sunless tanning in Maui

Hi ladies, does anyone have any recommendations on where to get a spray tan in Maui?  Spray tanning booth or by an actual person?

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Re: Sunless tanning in Maui

  • mauidandymauidandy member
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    I can't remember who your makeup artist is? Jessica Waite does sunless spray tanning, but if you're not using her for makeup I think her travel fee would make that ridiculously expensive.
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  • MiniWheatsMiniWheats member
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    Jessica is a great idea.  She actually has a cute little studio in her backyard and doesn't charge a travel fee if you go to her.  She lives about 30 minutes from Kihei so it is not too far of a drive.
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    My mom got one at the spa at The Westin.  I don't know how much she paid but she was pretty happy with it.
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