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Huntsville Botanical Gardens AND Burritt on the Mountain

If you had your reception at the Arbor at Botanical Gardens in Hville I want to hear from you - we haven't booked it yet but are wondering if anyone managed to have 200 + people in there. I don't see how it's possible!

Also...if you are planning a wedding at Burritt in Spring 2012 I want to hear from you...we REALLY want to get married there at the gazebo but because of the construction they can't guarentee it will be ready. Anyone else having this dilemna?

Re: Huntsville Botanical Gardens AND Burritt on the Mountain

  • JGreenfan2000JGreenfan2000
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    went went to the botanical gardens and decided against it for how many people we are having it seemed kind of crowded and she told us it was for indoor and outdoor it would hold (100) my concern was what if it rains and i cant justify renting a tent and not using it. 
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    Did you end up chosing a different outdoor venue? There doesn't seem to be alot of options...especially with room for a large wedding!

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    Michellejoyf: You want an outdoor wedding for 200?  Do you want seats for 200 or are you going to have a buffet or appetizers?  There are many locations like Mitchell Plantation, Mathews Manor, Tate Farms,The Historic Lowry House, The Weeden House Musuem or Annabella at Cedar Glen that can provide indoor and outdoor (the food is usually indoors).  As long as you don't want a table and chair for 200 people, these locations can accomodate.  If you want a seated dinner, it gets more difficult.  My website has a listing of lots of venues.  Also, if you want a seated dinner, price becomes a big issue.  http://huntsvillealbride.yolasite.com/locations.php

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    We want an outdoor ceremony - I would prefer the reception to be indoor though, or at least have an indoor option in case of foul weather. We are having a buffet dinner but we want it to be seated as well so we need a place that can hold tables and chairs for at least 200. I feel like I've looked at every possible venue already!! Really the only two that work are Monte Sano Lodge (but the outdoor area isn't very large or pretty) and Burritt of the Mountain (but they're under construction. We love the Botanical Gardens for the outdoor ceremony but the indoor venue only hold about 170!

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    You could have your ceremony at the Botanical Gardens and have your reception at another venue entirely, like a hotel ballroom or something.
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    We would like to do that...but the botanical gardens requires that you rent an indoor facility for weather backup and they are being pretty annoying about it. Even though the reception site that we would use we can use as backup. I think they're offended that I don't want to use their reception site...it just isn't big enough and I don't want to rent a tent which the "add on" option
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    What if you used the Westin?  Have your ceremony outside on their patio  - near the outdoor bar and then the reception inside?
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