What to wear for engagement pictures?

Hi ladies,
I promise I know how to dress myself, but I am having a really hard time deciding what we should wear for our engagement pictures this Sunday.  I want us to look polished but relaxed.  I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes for this either (we're hoping for 2 outfits).
What colors/styles would you recommend?  Where can I get something cute for cheap?

Re: What to wear for engagement pictures?

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    I wore nice jeans and boots and a bright tank top with a white buttoned shirt, which I sometimes took off for some pics. He wore jeans and a black button shirt. The photographers loved our outfits. The only things I bought were my jeans (all of mine are way too big anyway) and the white shirt, both of which were on sale at JCPenny's. Pics in my bio.
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    We both wore black shirts and jeans for one outfit.  The other one DH wore black pants and a red shirt with subtle stripes and I wore a black and white dress.  I bought only my dress and have no clue where.

    Wear solid colors and clothes you feel comfortable moving around and posing in. 

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    Thanks for creating this post.  We're getting our engagement photos done next month and I've been grappling with the same dilemma!
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