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St. Francis of Assisi Church Decorations?

We are having our wedding at St. Francis of Assisi in West Des Moines and although it's a very pretty church, it's also huge!  We are having a smaller wedding (150ish) and was wondering if anyone had ideas/pictures on how to make it more intimate for the mass.  

Also... what do you I do with the isle?  There are 2 main isles and they don't allow isle runners, have you seen anything that makes it nicer?

Thank you!

Re: St. Francis of Assisi Church Decorations?

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    I go to Mass there on occasion as it's my mother's church.

    I've never been a fan of decorations in the church, but that's just me.  It is a beautiful and quite new church and I love the woodwork, lighting, art, etc. 

    But, I can see why you would want to make the huge space more intimate for your smaller group.  It's been a while since I was at St. Francis, but I'm thinking your 150 will fill up the center section quite nicely.  Just going from memory, however,

    Have you contacted the church?  I'm guessing they have someone on staff who would work with you on wedding-related issues, including decorating.  They might also have photograhs of other weddings there that could give you some ideas.
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