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Molly Jean - Flowers

Did you put together your own wedding flowers? I remember someone on here posting about it but couldn't remember who for sure. If so where did you purchase / order them from and how far in advance did you make them? TIA

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    Butting in... We're doing our own flowers and are ordering them from Costco.  You can get two dozen roses for $17.  We're doing all of our bouquets for $20ish and are doing arrangements at the church as well as the bouts.  It's saving me about $400 but if I had decided to use real flowers at the reception it would have been much more.If you want something simple, hand typing bouquets is super easy.  Let me know if you need any help! ...Butting out
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    Hi there!  yes, I did my own flowers.I ordered 1 package (150 stems) from Sam's Club.  They arrived the Wednesday before my wedding.  I put them together on Thursday.I am actually doing the flowers for my girlfriend's wedding this weekend and I am using the same timeframe.  Let me know if you have any questions!!!  :)
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