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I need to rant about wedding venue

I just need to vent. I emailed the coordinator for our venue in June about a tasting, never heard back...okay so open ended question on my part, maybe she thought I didn't expect a response, so I let that go.I emailed last Friday to set up a final appointment to decide on food (maybe taste), centerpieces, as we are opting for what they offer. No response, reforwarded the email and asked her to please let me know about the date/time. I have other vendor meetings to set for finalizing things and am in DSM rarely from CR. Then after I sent the email last night, my FMIL called and told me she tried to book rooms for Sat evening and can't because she is being told our block is full~ no way, invites aren't even out yet! I didn't book a lot for Sat night as most of our OOT guests will head out on Sat after our Friday wedding, so I am sure I need to add a few to taht night, but my FMIL understood the gal to tell her that there are no rooms available period, block or not... Anyway, I am now just anxiously awaiting a call back as I finally called today and left a message about this. Just frustrated and needed to vent. Thanks for readying my crazy rant.

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    Sorry to hear that!  Yes, I totally understand, I'm having a few frustrtations myself with a few vendors.  Never helps when they don't get back to you.  I am extremely particular and it drives me crazy when I have to repeat what I want over and over. That's my issues lately. It kills me.. they do this for their job 24/7, I just don't understand.  If I were you, I would call the venue and ask to speak with whatever manager you can get, hopefully you can get this person's boss or try to work thru another planner on hand.  You pay big bucks for your venue, they should be doing whatever it is you want them too.
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    Update~ I called her before this post and still have no response!!! I just feel after two emails and a call someone should call. I would think if she is out of the office, her voicemail or email would say... am I turning into bridezilla with my last couple months? This venue thing is one of the last things I really need to do, aside from mailing invites and printing programs...
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    I think I had the same reception location as you are planning to have. We also had some problems with our block similar to what you are having. I'm sure the wedding coordinator will be able to work it out. Very frustrating that you're not hearing back though!
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    Honestly, when I read your first post I thought it was a smidge overboard...but the fact that she still hasn't called you back is now an issue. I would call and ask to speak to the venue manager. Explain that you are OOT and that while you understand you are not the first and only wedding going on, you do expect a certain level of customer service and you are not receiving it. I would then go on to try and get some complimentary upgrades. ;)
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    I feel overboard about it truthfully, but I guess if she is this hard to get a hold of now, how will it be the week of or day of when she wants final counts or a vendor needs to set up. I could wait on the final decisions for a bit, but the room block needs to be handled, I have guests and family that want to book.
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    If I can ask, where is your reception going to be at? I am having similar trouble with my reception site!! I'm thinking about not signing the contract b/c of all of this and going with another venue and I didn't know if I was overreacting or not.
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    Well I did finally get a response~ yesterday. I have been emailing with them today. My room block is fixed and I have a meeting set up. The room block was my main thing, as I have time for the other things. It is just really all I have left to work on.
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