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Christmas Party

Tonight is FI's Christmas Party for work (usually takes place on a Sat.-Sun), but he changed it up this year. I am usually super excited for them because they are not your typical parties (FI hates them).
His boss owns three different construction companies and every year he puts on a X-mas party for everyone to say thanks (and to say 'look how much money I have"... he realy is this kind of guy but IDC it's free!)
It's always a 5 star hotel (usually a Fairmont) and often in a different city, one year we traveled 6 hours one way to go (he rented a bus to transport anyone who didnt want to drive).
He pays for the whole weekend, dinner, liquor (during cocktail hour and dinner) and your hotel room as well as breakfast the next morning and your parking (if you drove).

This year I'm not too excited, mainly because taylor (my "boydog") is still sick, however he seemed to be perking up a bit this morning.
We ended up at the vet again yesterday because he wasn't able to keep down his meds. so they gave it to him through needles which last 2 weeks., I think they are starting to help now.

What is everyone else's Christmas parties like for work (if you have one)?

Mine is usually held in a church basement and it's potluck (this is held by a National wide corporation)  I think its kindda sad this is how they say thanks to their workers who break their back doing what they do and potentially put their health at risk.  I never go to my christmas party.
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