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Dress Has Not Arrived!

My dress still has not arrived and my wedding is July 24th!  Plus I know I will have a lot of alterations.  I don't know if I should call and ask about it or if I am being silly. 
Your thoughts?  When is too soon to freak out? Should I call?

Re: Dress Has Not Arrived!

  • ltykaltyka member
    edited December 2011
    When did you order it?  I would just call and ask them about it.  It will make you feel better about the whole thing.  Mine took a long six months to come in!!  
  • edited December 2011
    I def wouldn't be afraid to call...better safe than sorry! Did they tell you when it should have been in? Where did you order it from?
  • edited December 2011
    Definitely call and ask, especially if it was supposed to be here by now. Don't feel bad about it - you are paying them a large amount of money for that dress and even if they are very very busy, it is unprofessional to state one delivery date and completely miss it, plus they should be aware that if they make brides like you unhappy often, they would be out of business. Explain your situation to them and demand to know when they are shipping it to you. Then you can decide if you need to upgrade your shipping method or even speak with a seamstress and book her so you can be sure all alterations will be done in time.

    When I ordered mine, I had the same problem and they would just give me evasive answers when I repeatedly asked when it is being shipped and would not give me shipping info (I ordered it online, so I was a little antsy and wanted proof that it was actually sent). This was fixed immediately after I gave them bad feedback on their website - I had the dress in a week and changed my feedback. My dress was about 2 months late.
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