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Bridesmaid Gifts :)

I went shopping yesterday for xmas and i stumbled upon the lolita wine glasses if you are not familiar with them they are these:

Anyways, they are usually 24.99 per glass, which i thought was a little expensive especially since i have 7 girls so I was bummed i couldn't get them. However, when i saw these yesterday I put one under the price checkers and they were 11.99 i was so excited! so I ended up getting them for my girls, but the most exciting part was i had a coupon and it ended up costing me 8.99!!! I was wicked excited!!!! I had to share about my awesome savings!!! I saved 102.00!! I couldn't believe it.
 I think my girls will love them!
Okay end blabbering i just had to share!! Laughing
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