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Check, Check, Check!!

My official wedding date: 1/11/13!! I ran into a ton of road blocks early in my planning. My fiance had already determined when would be best to take off of work with his boss, so we were a LITTLE limited in choice of weekend/month (he's a retail manager). Unfortunately, the weekend we chose happens to be a playoff weekend... and our reception is at a HOTEL... in GREEN BAY. Problemo. Basically: we would have had to agree to 2 prices for our hotel rooms for his family: Non-playoff price, and and additional $125 per hotel room if they packers are in the playoffs and it happens to be a home game. LUCKILY- we were able to negotiate with the event planner this past week. My parents went in to to meet with her (I'm living in CA right now, so they have to do my dirty work)... and what do you know, my mom knows her! Such a blessing. We were able to get a guarantee for non-playoff prices no matter what :) AND we're booking the church I grew up in this week. ANDDDDD we booked an awesome photographer that gave us an awesome discount! 

Re: Check, Check, Check!!

  • Hooray!! Way to go for your mom and her awesome negotiating skills! I know I have been strengthening mine along the way. And doesn't it feel awesome to check things off the list? I am currently working on my invitations (teacher on summer break = lots of wedding work!), and it feels great with every group of ten I complete. 

    Keep up the good work! 
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  • Niiiice!!  I will use you for inspiration!

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  • hahaha, YES! (my MOH's mom is making my garter out of packer fabric) :D
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