January 2013 Weddings

Dress opinions, pleeeeeeeease!!

January, Connecticut, 50s theme... whatdya think?

They're all the same color, not sure why the lighting is so different. 
1.) Am I too hippy to wear a dress this form-fitting?
2.) Long or short for a 50s ish wedding?
3.) Blingy sash or no?
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Re: Dress opinions, pleeeeeeeease!!

  • Oooh, I LOVE the long!  I like the drama of the sash in the back -- but not so much in the front.  I think it might just be sitting too high on you in the pictures.  So:

    1. NO!  Although I am not at all hip-y so maybe I am just jealous.  At least I think you mean physical hips and not hippie as in another decade?  :)
    2. Long.  But that's just me.  I like long -- especially for a January wedding.
    3. Um, yes sash.  But maybe not that one.


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  • I love both of them, but I think I prefer the long one.  
    You are not too hippy for a fitted dress, rock your curves!
    I like the sash, but it's tied in the wrong spot.  I think it would look better on your natural waist, the narrowest part of your body.  I also agree with the PP, it's too blingy on a dress with no bling.  Maybe a sash with less bling or no bling?  

    If you do go with the short dress, what kind of shoes would you wear?  You'll need some fabulous shoes since they'll be visible all the time.
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  • bucky2012bucky2012 member
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    Long dress for sure! I think its much more flattering to your figure than the short dress. Also agree with PP - the sash should be tied at your natural waist.
  • I don't see the 50s in that dress, and isn't that the same dress?  The point is to wear the long for the ceremony and take that off for the reception.  You definitely want the long option for a winter wedding!
  • It looks like the same dress, only different lenths..
    I LOVE the train on the long dress. You are NOT HIPPY at all. You look beautiful. The fabric is very flattering. 
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    the dress is pretty and looks great on you (you're not too hippy at all!),  but to me it doesn't really look 50's....when I think 50's I sorta think tea-lenth with a bit of a poofy skirt.
  • Defintely the long one and I agree with the others that the sash should be at the natural waist to be more flattering. You look beautiful!
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  • I love that long dress in the first picture! It is so pretty!! You look really good in it!
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