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It's FINALLY Friday, ladies!!  = )

Rants/Raves/Plans for the weekend??

Re: TGIF!!

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    Rants: I am sick of working a 9-5 job.  I can't wait to make a living...living!!!  We are making to right steps to this but I am so impatient...

    Rave: It's Friday and beautiful outside!!!  Can't wait to leave work to enjoy the sun.

    Weekend Plans: Cake tastings, wedding band shopping, buying all the paper for the invitations, and I am sure more wedding stuff!!!
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    So sick of packing, moving, unpacking... at least it will be done this weekend!  I'm so behind on wedding projects.

    I'm getting married in less than a month.... SO EXCITED!!!!!

    Plans for the weekend:
    Craft night with girlfriends to keep a good friend on bedrest company tonight... and then... more moving.  ugh.
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    Raves: It is mine and FI's anniversary tomorrow!!

    Rants: I really dont want to go back to mankato and take finals..

    Plans: Celebrate our anniversary, and enjoy the weather.. IA is having beautiful weather this weekend!
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    Rants:  I've got nothing!

    Raves:  It's Friday & beautiful out!  Can't wait for work to be over, so I can go enjoy it!

    Plans:  Need to finish my book that's due at the library tonight!  Hoping to meet with a photog that I want to switch to, this weekend.  Niece's birthday party on Sunday.  And I have a massage scheduled Sunday afternoon, super excited for that!  = )  Other then that, just plan on enjoying the weekend with Michael!  = )
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    Rants: FI and I were planning on giong out to a concert this evening and having a night out because we haven't gone out in over a month, but he forgot to buy the tickets.  Now I'm just pissy cause I get to have an eventful evening doing laundry instead.

    Raves:  FI and I are heading to Myrtle Beach in a few days!  YAY!  It's a much needed vacation, but my plans for lying on the beach may be foiled since it's not supposed to get above the mid 70's the entire time we're there.  Sad.

    Plans:  Cleaning the house and the animals before heading out of town.

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    Rant: Twins suck and gas is expensive.  I haven't seen FI in nearly 2 weeks.

    Rave: My FI graduates next weekend!! So excited that this day has finally come! He has been in school FOREVERRRRR.

    Weekend plans: I am going down to Kansas City to watch (the loser) Twins play.  I am going with my dad and some friends and we know a lot of people who will also be down there.  It should be a good time now I am just hoping the weather cooperates!

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    Rant: The scale seems to be STUCK at the same weight for the past two weeks, and it's driving me CRAZY. I've only skipped the gym twice, and yes, I was sick last weekend so I didn't count calories, but other than that I've been eating well, so I'm super frustrated.

    Rave: My BM dress for my little brother's wedding came in, and having ordered it a size too small I was worried to try it on, but IT FITS!!! So at least I've lost enough weight that I now look fabulous in the dress! So at least that's something. :)

    Weekend Plans: Having the house to myself tonight as SO is going to the opera with his "boyfriend," heh. Working on the shower shelf tomorrow so hopefully we can finishing tiling and be one step closer to finishing our stupid bathroom. Then going out with the girls tomorrow night for some yummy chinese food (hitting the gym first, heh), and lots of dancing in downtown Philly. Oh, and taking the pupppies for lots of walks because the weather here is awesome!
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    Hey now, no dissin' the Twins around here! :) The only time you can diss them is after mid-August because then the season is well on its way to being over. It's only April, have some positivity! :)

    Anyway, I have nothing much to rant about minus the fact that J isn't coming home this weekend. :( And finals are coming up... buuuut oh well.

    I'm raving about the fact that I'm excited to meet some knotties tonight, and then celebrate my friends birthday tomorrow. Woo!
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    You know it girl!  Couldn't get here fast enough!

    Rants - the first house our agent is showing us tomorrow is a house owned by a divorcing couple, and apparently the ex husband is living in the house and does not want to cooperate with selling the house.  He might even BE there when we go to see it!  I am about ready to kick our REA in the shins, since all he has shown us before this has been short sales which we do NOT want and made clear to him we didn't want.  I am thinking it might be time for a new REA.

    Raves - it is sunny and beautiful.  I get to spend all day with FI tomorrow, Grandpa is taking care of DS while we go house hunting and I can't wait to get some alone time with him.  Idk if any of you have children but once you do, alone time with your FI or DH or SO is hard to get.  I cannot wait.

    Weekend plans - tonight playground w/ DS, movie with FI.  Tomorrow house hunting and then something fun with DS (maybe MOA?).  Sunday, more house hunting if we don't find anything good tomorrow.  Also, more fun with DS.  N
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    Rant:  Nothing really! Other than I work all weekend

    Rave:  I have my first fitting today with Louise!  Initally I booked a fitting with the dressmaker in Edina but at the GTG drdifabio had me convinced that I needed to go with Louise instead.  I'm so excited!

    Weekend plans:  Fitting tonight, work tomororw then FI and I are going to dinner with one of my coworkers and her H.  More work Sunday and then a benefit dinner for a friend of FI's that broke his neck a few months ago in a work accident.  He's doing so much better though!
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    Rants: I really really really want a new job. With this economy I know I should be thankful to be employed but its so frustrating to spend so much money on college and not being able to work in a job that I'm qualified for :(

    Raves: Now that DH and I are married I get a free gym membership because I'm his "dependent" (military) so I've been hitting the gym every day this week! Fabulous!!

    Plans: Not sure yet, I think we might go line dancing/2-stepping tomorrow which would be fun!
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    rants: why do things always seem to take longer than expected?

    Raves/Plans for the weekend:  We are going to Vegas to celebrate FI 30th birthday!
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    Rave: Took my dog to the vet and she's healthy! Woot woot!

    Wedding Plans: Tomorrow is one of the last days we'll have to work on wedding stuff. So putting together the centerpieces, photo collection we're posting and working on making room in the house for his stuff. Also, getting the ceremony music choices to the DJ since we're going unconventional and he doesn't have the pieces. My makeup trial is tomorrow and the final dress fitting is Monday. I'm tired already!
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