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Flowers from Farmers Market?

Alright.. I know this may be an uncommon thing but I am thinking of ways to save a bit of money with the flowers at my reception.  I was thinking of getting them from a vendor at the farmers Market, especially since I don't care too much as to what they look like.  No sunflowers.  My question is this, what would be best.  Going to the farmers market and talk directly to the vendor, contact the farmers market itself. (which I have done and found some vendors just no numbers). 

Any thoughts would be helpful.  Or if you know of someone who has done this that would be great too! 
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Re: Flowers from Farmers Market?

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    Check this place out.  Clicky

    You buy the flowers from the market and can use their space to assemble them.
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    This I have seen.. But I don't want to make mine.....

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    I just got married last Saturday (May 20th) and my mom and her friend went tot he farmers market that morning and bought a ton of roses and fillers, and the turned out absolutely beautiful!!!! And they lasted all day and night!!!! For 5 bouqets and 6 boutineers... cost me $110!!
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    I would assume if you go and talk to some of the vendors they'd be willing to work with you on putting something together.  Just go visit on a Saturday and see if you find someone who arranges things in a way that you like!
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    If you don't want to make them yourself, I'd check out Amanda with Ma Petite Fete. (Clicky) She has a wholesale flower contact that's cheap. and she'll put your centerpeices together at no extra charge. She charges by the stem rather than by the hour. She can provide the extra materials, but I'm getting my vases at the Dollar Tree and bringing them to her so it's even cheaper. When deciding on flower types, she sent me lots of pics to look at and when I found a design idea I liked, she tried it out and sent me pics of her outcome. So far so good! I have my final meeting with her next week!
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    I've had two friends go to the farmers market (specifically the Saint Paul one) and they simply spoke directly to multiple vendors. And then from there just worked with whomever best suited their scenario. One friend was able to work out a more specific order and able to pick them up from the flower farm direct and the other friend just approached a vendor saying the were going to be needing a lot of flowers for the following weekend. Then she just picked them up from the vendor the following weekend early in the morning. 

    I actually plan on buying my flowers there too. I plan to just talk to a couple vendors and see what works out. More flower vendors should be around soon now that things are finally growing! Good Luck!
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    I'd suggest using Lisa from www.forgetmenotfloralevents.com/">www.forgetmenotfloralevents.com she's awesome and super cheap right now. We're getting everything for $450 for our wedding day.
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    My mom has tried getting regular bouquets from there to have on display at home, but they've always died within a couple days of her getting them :-(

    Costco has really nice flowers and their packages are pretty reasonable :-)
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