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I know we just discussed this recently but....

for the ladies that bought cups to sew into the dress...where did you get them?

I picked up my dress today and the lady at the WS told me I shouldn't need a bra but I wear a DD and feel the girls need a little more support, I don't need any waredrobe malfunctions.  Any recs for places to buy would be great! Thanks ladie!

Oh and here's me today in my dress (without a bra!! gasp)  Don't want you ladies thinking I'm a blue balls poster hahahaha

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Re: I know we just discussed this recently but....

  • Bimbi284Bimbi284 member
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    Louise Kegley provides the cups, so I'm not sure...
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    I think you can purchase them at places like Joanns or Hancock Fabrics. If you're getting your dress altered I think the seamstress should be able to provide them
  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    Ditto MilitaryBride. I've seen them a lot at Hancock in different sizes and types. I've even seen people dissect bras and sew those in, though that might be a last resort. 
  • Enchanted616Enchanted616 member
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    I dont know, but your dress is gorgeous! 

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  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    I also am your bra size and I had a heck of a time with it.  I had them remove the ones in my gown because they were seriously undersized and just ended up going entirely without  (If I had left mine in, I would have had a serious case of triangle boobs!  going without allowed for a much more natural round shape thank goodness!).  There was a line of beading under the bust which kept the girls hiked up and I also had straps which helped greatly.  Not sure what I'd do if I were you since you don't have straps!  You might have a tough time finding cups the right size, truth be told.  Talk to your seamstress about it and see what they think otherwise maybe just get a bra sewn in?
  • SSaltzman87SSaltzman87 member
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    I definitely agree with wittyschaffy on this. Cups for us larger busted women are pretty much the enemy. They simply don't provide the support we need.

    Getting a long line bra should probably do the trick. You'll get the support you want, and some smoothing in the midsection. That's what works for me and I'm a DDD.
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  • tpender13tpender13 member
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    My seamstress had me go buy a strapless bra that she then cut apart and put inside the top of my dress. It worked perfectly, because I was able to pick one out that was inexpensive and had just the right shape and amount of padding. The girls looked fantastic!
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