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Bridal Gown Shopping Etiquette

Hi Everyone,

I'm going for my very first dress shopping experience on Wednesday!  Starting off simple and only going to The Wedding Shoppe on Grand with my mother and 2 girlfriends.  I'm wondering, though, what is the appropriate etiquette when it comes to wearing make-up?  I don't want to mark-up all the dresses but I still want to try and look pretty and wear bronzer on my face and neck (so pale this time of year...yuck!).  Is this a huge "no, no?"  Also, what type of bra should I wear?  Push up? Standard? Strapless? None at all?  And should I wear heels since I'll likely be wearing them for the wedding or doesn't it matter?  I'm such a novice :)

Thanks for your advice!
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Re: Bridal Gown Shopping Etiquette

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    I was in your shoes last week. I didn't go super heavy on the makeup, but I wanted to see what the dresses looked like with me not washed out so I did wear some. Some of the dresses have very noticeable makeup stains, but it's part of the business I think.

    I wore a strapless bra. They have some there if you need, but most of the dresses have built in bras, I basically just used it for modesty. At the Wedding Shoppe they make you take off your shoes before trying on dresses so if you want to try on with heels make sure you bring them in, don't wear them and that they are clean.

    Also, something we weren't aware of until they told me to wrap it up, they give you an hour and a half for an appointment so if you are just starting out try on lots of different things, but if you don't know at the end they can write your favorites down for you to come back to.
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  • hjh444hjh444 member
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    When I went I did not even think about it and I got a spray tan the day before!! Luckily nothing came off onto the dress (I kept checking) but I did see spots already on the insides of some of the dresses so I think it is to be expected that it happens.
  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    I would wear make-up on your face, but not on your neck.  The lighting isn't terribly good there anyway, and your first time out, you're probably just getting ideas and won't be buying it yet.  You can always come back later with your hair curled and make-up on.

    When I went, they gave me a strapless corset and crinoline to put on, but you could wear a strapless.  Most of the dresses I saw there were strapless.

    Don't bother with heels.  The dresses are all way longer and will need to be altered down the road.  Unless  you're 6'0'' it won't make much of a difference.  Save the heels for round two. 

    My 2 cents.
  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    I wore makeup - but not a lot and definately no bronzer.  I bought my dress there the first try on so ya never know! 
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    I wore make up. I also wore a regular bra, they provided me with a strapless long-line one. I totally agree, don't bother with heels. I brought some on my first appt, and I didn't even touch them. Also, give the consultant ideas of what you like, and stand back. The only dresses I even considered were ones they picked. Trust me. Have fun!!
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  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    I def wore make up - I did my hair too. I figured I would be taking pics of my self in dresses and wanted to feel beautiful while trying on beautiful dresses.

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    Thanks ladies for all the great info!

    One more question...does anyone know if they allow picture-taking at the Wedding Shoppe?

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  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    Only after you've purchased the dress.
  • debbieupperdebbieupper member
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    Actually, my associate just "didn't look" and we took all the pics we wanted.
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  • samatsonsamatson member
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    They were very strict about taking pictures when I was there too, the girl said unless I purchase the dress I can't take any pictures of it.  I went to probably 5 other dress shops and none of them cared....
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