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I feel like I cheated......(not really)

FI and I went in to pick out our wedding bands Friday.... back story: Fi is traditional, so he proposed with a round diamond solitare and a thick band..and I loved it! I like sparkle so we met in the middle and I was going to get two bands when it came band time.... So we went to Shane and I wasn't finding anything... I was starting to get quite nervous becuase I wasn't going to settle for something I didn't LOVE! Fi mentioned starting fresh and looking at sets.....hmm..... ok! So he found (I tried to have him pick it out....so it still felt like it was something he picked out for me!) a rather traditional set that has diamonds on the engagement ring band as well as on the wedding band!! I LOVE IT! I get to pick it up on Monday!!We were finishing up....and she came back with my old band...and my diamond...loose! They just popped it right out.... it was kind of sad to see it go... So....anyways!! New band for me!! Yipee!!

Re: I feel like I cheated......(not really)

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