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Want to involve step-mom in ceremony

My step-mom has been married to my dad for 20+ years and I am calling her a mother of the bride along with my mother (who is fine with it). My mom and FI mom will light tapers for unity candles. I need ideas for a way to invole my step-mom and there is no way she would get up and do a reading. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. TIA!

Re: Want to involve step-mom in ceremony

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    I am in the same situation and don't have much of an answer yet. But what if your step-mom lit the two taper candles, then your mom and FI's mom walked up after to light the unity candle? Does that sound dumb? Or maybe she can help with the decorations for the ceremony and you have a special thanks to her specifically in the programs? I'm kinda stuck on this too!
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    The two of us are going to light the unity candle during the ceremony. But you gave me an idea. Instead of doing a memorial arangement, I could make a memorial candle and she could light that. Thanks!
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