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O'Halloran Boudoir Event!!!!!

I just got an e-mail from Mike O'Halloran (who I did my boudoir pics with-as well as a number of other knotties around my time). His studio is having a boudoir event. The two dates are Saturday the 7th of November and Saturday the 14th of November both days they will be shooting from 11:00am until 7:00pm the cost a mere $99.00! It will be open times slots with a limited number of people (first come first serve)- they will have Champagne, snacks and of course lots of fun people can shoot for an hour or all day depending on their energy level and schedule. Everyone will of course get a CD of their images fully edited. If you're thinking about doing a boudoir session but apprehensive about it- GO FOR IT! It was such a blast to get all dolled up and do a photo shoot of just me. It was a huge confidence booster as well. If you're nervous about it being a guy-Mike was awesome, made me feel super comfortable the whole way through, kept things very professional. I never got a weird vibe or felt uncomfortable in the slightest. If you have any other questions-feel free to ask! This seems like a great opportunity to get some fun boudoir pics! Call asap and reserve your spot! http://www.ohalloranphotography.com/

Re: O'Halloran Boudoir Event!!!!!

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    Just wanted to say I did my pics with Mike and he did an awesome job. His studio has a bunch of options for locations (straw bales, windows, colored screens, pop can wall, dressing room, bathroom, couch, etc). I definitely would recommend him!
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    We used him for our wedding and LOVED him.  I mentioned it to DH several time throughout planning and he seemed very uninterested.  Did anyone else run into this?  Did you do it anyways, how did he react?
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    I didn't mention anything to my DH. It was a total surprise to him. He likes the album I made him-it's not like he looks at it every day or anything, but I still think it was worth it. Honestly...I did the session as a gift for him, but I think most women who do it end up feeling like it was more for themselves. Getting dressed up, doing your hair/make up and getting sexy in front of the camera-it's just a fun experience for YOU. Even if your FI/DH isn't totally into it. Who knows, maybe once they see the end result they'd think differently? I really think it's so worth it for anyone who has an interest.
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    Anyone else going on the 14th?
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    Jnickers my dh said the samething. I mentioned it a few times and he said he no clue what the point would be as he can't display them or anything.   I'm still debating doing this.  If I do, I would go on the 14th
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    OOH I kinda want to do it..... I've always sort of wanted to, but I'm nervous!! Can someone who's had their boudoir photos done with O'halloran email me some samples? thanks!! [email protected]
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    I just talked to Mike today to pay for my boudoir session and it was like I had known him a long time. He seems to have a great personality and was very easy to talk and joke with. I am looking forward to my session even more now. I can tell how he'd be good at making a person feel more comfortable standing there in lingerie with a camera pointed at you.
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    Can someone email me bouidor pics that Mike has taken too. [email protected] TIA
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    I'm going on the 14th, too!  I'm excited, and I'm going lingerie shopping this weekend!  

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