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PSA: Facials, skin preparation for wedding

I found a beauty school that has an aesthetics program in New Hope, ironically right by where I just moved away from!I went in today for a Back Facial, $24. It was wonderful!! It was so relaxing and felt so good. I am going back next Friday for a Corrective Facial, $23. I didn't want to do my face today since we're doing our e-pics this weekend.I ended up getting a buy 3 get one free package for both my back and face, $135 total for 8 treatments!!! I was on the table for an hour and 15 mins, she wasn't rushing and she wasn't putzing along either, she did a lot of things to my skin.It's a little bit of a trek across town for me, but well worth the drive!!I suppose I should mention where I went...:)[url]www.tspacademy.com[/url]If anyone is wondering, I saw Jayne. She was very nice and really excited about what she was doing with my skin.
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Re: PSA: Facials, skin preparation for wedding

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    Wow thanks for posting this. New Hope is a little bit of a hike for me too but I love facials and can't afford spending $60+ a month on getting one! Do they do extractions at the school? I know some beauty schools won't allow their students to do extractions.
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    Oh yeah!! That is why I was so excited about this place :) You've just gotta make sure your appt is with an aesthetics student. Cosmetology students can't do them. The corrective facial would be what you want.
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