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Honeymoon ideas?

Any ideals on a great location for a honeymoon for last week in July? Any places we should stay away from?

Re: Honeymoon ideas?

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    What kind of honeymoon are you looking for? Relaxing beach getaway? Adventure? And what kind of price range?
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    Find what's important then set a budget and see what is realistic between those two.

    For us, a new city neither of us had been to was key, then next one that is a foodie town, then one that has adventure (hiking, shoping, fishing).

    Just throwing it out there - we're going to Vancouver BC in Canada after our Oct 6 wedding.  We're flying into Seattle staying for a day or two then driving (3 hrs) up to Vancouver and staying and then coming back home.  Leaving a Sun return next Tues/Wed.

    If you're really adventurous, consider something like that movie Yes Man and just go to the airport and pick the next plane leaving Msp.

    I've been keeping my eyes open for groupons and living socials for hotels in these different cities we're staying in.  (always read fine print).

    keep us posted & best wishes!!
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