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Sunday Wedding

we are doing a sunday wedding and plan for it to run 11 am (cermony and reception are at the same place) to 3:30-4...does anyone have any fun ideas for what to do instead of the dancing since we will not be having dancing or a dj?

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    We're having board games available.... and plenty of booze.

    Our ceremony is at noon, all over by about 4-5 next Sunday.  :)
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    We had a Sunday wedding as well but our ceremony was at 4 and we had a DJ and open bar.

    If it's nice out around your wedding time you could do yard games, like bocce ball, etc.
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    Yeah, my wedding was on a Sunday as well... and we just had a completely run-of-the-mill reception with booze, a DJ, and dancing. We started the ceremony at 2pm, and had dinner a hair before 5pm. Some people left by about 7 or 8... others stayed until almost 11pm. So, if you're nixing dancing simply BECAUSE it's a Sunday wedding and you don't think people want to stay late or dance... you might want to rethink that.

    However, if you're nixing dancing because you don't want to dance... find something that fits you and your FI's tastes. Have board games if you want board games. Set up Rock Band or some other interactive group video game in a corner.

    More than anything, though, just try to get people up and mingling. If people are sitting at tables drinking and eating only to find out that's all there is... you'll have some irritated guests.
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    thanks for the feedback!
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