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What's your wedding nightmare?

What crazy wedding nightmares have you had?

Re: What's your wedding nightmare?

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    Since my dress has recently arrived, but I haven't been to pick it up it's been a frequent object in my nightmares. The common theme is it doesn't fit, or something happened to it and there isn't enough time to fix it. I end up walking down the aisle in a jeans and t-shirt.
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  • debbieupperdebbieupper member
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    Two so far involving us forgetting to write our vows (which we aren't even sure we're doing), and various other catastrophes and things just not ... happening ... right ... SO frustrating! :)
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  • LauraK17LauraK17 member
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    Just had one this morning!  I was totally unprepared, and nothing happened the way I had envisioned.  It was like we didn't plan anything and just showed up that day!  I woke up horrified and decided I still have so much left to do.
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  • maybe984maybe984 member
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    I keep having a very detailed dream that requires a little background about my venue.

    Our ceremony is going to be on the front steps of the Historic Washington County Courthouse. If you've ever seen it, it's on the top of a huge hill. From the sidewalk in front, you walk up several sets of small steps before you get to a little paved patio area (where the guests sit) and then about 6 more steps onto the front porch.

    Well, I have had variations of the same dream about 3 or 4 times already where somehow the stairs and patio and everything are at a weird downward angle... and I have a hard time climbing the steps... I keep falling backwards or feeling like I'm going to... and guests start falling backwards out of their seats.

    It sounds silly, but it's really terrifying every time I have it. At least it's not something that could happen. I'm sure that kind of nightmare is just around the corner ;-)
  • LinzstyleLinzstyle member
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    Someone not showing up!!  Photographer would be a big one....but I'm sure he'll be there!  Otherwise it's always stemmed around people not knowing where their suppose to be at what time....the joys of a big wedding party!
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    Thankfully they haven't started yet!  But I'm sure they will... I'm just not too stressed out about the wedding stuff. yet.
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    I've had some 'good' ones

    In one for some reason the wedding is pushed up and my dress isn't ready so I have to get married in a white sheet. 

    In the other my FI goes out the night before the wedding and gets arrested for doing drugs and hanging out with strippers (two things FI doesn't do) and misses our wedding. 

    Hopefully no more of those...
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  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    I had one where my wedding was going just perfectly, until at the reception I realized that the photographer had been one step behind us the whole way.  We had no pictures at all!
  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    I got married at the como Conservatory in the Sunken Garden.  My recurring nightmare was that I would lose my balance and fall into the koi pond!  The water is sorta purple colored so not only did my dress become purple, but when I got myself righted, I would have fish in between the layers of my dress!  :)  My pastor thought it was a riot and mentioned it during the sermon - needless to say, it didn't happen.
  • chou_chouchou_chou member
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    You name it, I've had it!  First was that we never thought about flowers until the hour before, and then my mom & I are at Flowerama buying everything white they have (b/c at that point at least the color would match, if not the actual type of flower); dreamnt that my mom was late to the ceremony and they made me start without her, then when she did arrive I made everyone start all over; dreamt that the DJ left at 10:30 when we have him til 1:30; dreamt that my mom yelled at me for wanting the hem on my dress redone (apparently it didn't turn out right so I wanted them to fix it, she didn't the point and told me to get over it); and just last night the flower issues came up again in my dreams where they arrived from the supplier but were not even close to what we ordered or what we were promised would arrive -- it was an awful hodge-podge of dying blooms.

    They had calmed down for awhile, but I think now that we're so close they have decided to return!  haha  lucky me  Undecided
  • jtothelee216jtothelee216 member
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    Oh boy, I've had a few:
    We were attending a cousin's wedding and then everyone decided since all the family was already there that FI and I should just get our wedding done the same day.  I had no dress, no flowers, and no excitement.  The guests were bored when I was walking down the aisle and everyone was antsy and ready to leave the church.  Yuck!
    My FI and I were at a family BBQ, and we announced that I was pregnant -- with 6 months to go until the wedding.  I was so mad because my dress wasn't going to fit. lol
    Last (but not least), the wedding party decided that they didn't like the dresses/tuxes and came in their jeans
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    I've had multiple nightmares that I forgot to schedule hair and makeup. So, then the morning of my wedding, I'm trying to figure out how to do my own hair!

    I also had a nightmare that I forgot to get my dress altered. YUCK!
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    I've had a few, one where I get there super late (all the guests are seated) and I'm in pajamas and my hair is knotted. No one knew where FI was but everyone insisted that I walk down the aisle anyway. The other one, for whatever reason, the wedding had been moved to my mom's old house and only me, my mom, and MOH were there. At some point FI shows up on the phone asking one of this groomsmen why he isn't there. The groomsman's resonse was "well I was waiting for you to call me". In the end we did have a make shift ceremony and then realized that we never got our marriage license so it wasn't legal anyway! 

    Hopefully I won't have that one again, we applied for our license today :) 
  • newlyseliskinewlyseliski member
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  • llgusllgus member
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    I had a dream that my new SIL was 9 months pregnant and her water broke on the dance floor and my entire family left me and went to the hospital with my brother and SIL.

    turns out ... 2 months later I found out that my SIL was indeed preggo (didn't know that when I had the dream) and she is due 2 weeks after my wedding.
    We'll see if my dream comes true ...
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