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Hitched! Long! PIP!

Hey, Knotties! We're back from our honeymoon and the wedding craziness is finally subsiding, so I thought I'd check in. It was a freakin' awesome day - so so so happy, so so so fun. My husband said it best the next morning on the way home from the hotel: "I wish every day was October 16th and we could keep doing it over and over again". 

Some quick (and by "quick" I really mean "rambling") wisdom for those of you who haven't had your weddings yet:

* Things will go wrong. I heard this time and time again whilst planning, but I was almost smug, thinking that with my type-A planning personality, I'd have all the bases covered. Um, no. Pics fell behind, there weren't enough snacks to go around between pics and the ceremony, my husband's college roommates kept buying him shots at the reception, we forgot to have the band announce that cake was being served (we had tons of leftover cake), and my bustle kept coming undone. But honestly, those were just teeny blips the day of. When things went wrong, I couldn't help but shrug them off because holy cats! There was way too much fun going on! My advice to you is to do the same - focus on the positive and remember the 10 Year Rule (if it's won't matter in 10 years, don't stress).

* Go on a honeymoon afterwards. Even just a mini-moon - but do not skip it. We were married on a Saturday, had our families over for a gift opening/Vikes game on Sunday, and then we left for our honeymoon on Wednesday. Honestly, Monday and Tuesday were gloomy - there was the just-married high, but I had the post-wedding blues and it felt so anticlimactic. But then we had a 10 day honeymoon, and it was great - we talked about the wedding and enjoyed each other and the break from reality, and by the time we got home, those post-wedding blues were gone. 10 days was a bit long - I think even just three days would do the trick.

* Pick three budget priorities. We picked three things on which we wanted to splurge: food, photography, music. Then we spent wisely on the rest. The other bigger expenditures were transportation (we had coach buses for our guests plus a limo bus), invitations (nothing too fancy - just Carlson Craft pocketfolds), flowers (so worth it) and WP gifts. Because our venue had SO MUCH going on, I could have gotten away with a lot less DIY - I don't know if people even noticed the coasters, favors, etc. I do know the kid packs (activity book, crayons, glow sticks, masks, puzzles, crackers) were well used! Anyway, I found it useful when planning to remember the top three priorities - it helped me prioritize and cut costs elsewhere.

Now onto the pics! Pro pics will be done in late November - I'll post a link when they're ready.

So excited!

Walking down the aisle w/ my dad

Listening to my brother-in-law read scripture
I tripped twice on the way back down the aisle - thus the blushing and weird face

The church bells rang as our pastor announced us as husband and wife, then they rang until we exited the church and took off on the limo bus

So happy!

If you are on the fence about a limo bus, and you have room in your budget, DO IT. I had doubts beforehand, but holy cats - this was awesome. Everything went so fast all day, and we had 200 guests to talk to at the reception, so it was nice to have a break and celebrate with our WP.
My husband's expression says, "I just married spaz. Great".

I have majorly huge love for the Varsity. They were so so great!

View from the mezzanine before most of the guests arrived.


Thanking our guests for coming

Yummy cake - creamsicle with cream cheese icing

I cried for almost the entire first dance - it was a very emotional and private moment amongst so many people

The heritage table that was my DIY baby

I was worried about having kids at our reception (36! 36 KIDS!) but aside from one little snafu that I didn't know about until after, it was just fine. The kids had a blast and they didn't hamper any of the fun.

Our band ROCKED. The dance floor was jammed all night - as soon as the first dance and parents dances were over, people got right out and started dancing. That's the reason why we chose a band, and it was well worth the money paid.
Gettin' low!

Yet another special touch that makes the Varsity the best ever.

Vendors that I loved:
Elizabeth Anne Weddings
The Varsity Theater
VADA Photography
Dena Marie Bridal (bridesmaids)
Minnesota Coaches (guest shuttles)
Luna Vinca (flowers)
The Rude Band
Amber Walker and Dee Dredge from Smart & Chic Bride

Sometime in the next month or so I'll post real vendor reviews and pro-pics, and maybe even make a married bio. Until then, peace out and happy planning!
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Re: Hitched! Long! PIP!

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    Thanks for all the advice!! Especially the part about being on the fence about a limo :)  haha which is the exact status of FI and myself right now!!  Glad to hear everything went great!  Also, you looked GORGEOUS and I love your bouquet and cake.
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    You looked so pretty and so happy! I'm thrilled you had a great day.  Congrats!
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    That seriously looks AMAZING!!

    Congratulations- you looked SO beautiful! Love your dress!
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    I've been waiting for your pics! I love them :)

    Congrats! You look amazing in your dress!
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    Yay! Thanks so much for sharing!!! So happy for you!
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Everything looks so amazing!
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    You look so beautiful and happy!  Can't wait to see the pro pics!

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    Many congrats!  Those pics look fantastic - can't wait to see the pro pics.  Varsity Theater is soooo cool - love it! Glad to hear you had a fabulous day!!
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    You look absolutely stunning! And the reception site is beautiful :) Looks like everything went smoothly!
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    Can NOT wait to see more pics! You looked stunning!
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    Love the pics!  You and your DH looked great!
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    Great pics!  Looks like it was a fabulous wedding.
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    Yay!  I've been so excited to see some picks and hear about your day, Venue Twin!  I'm so glad your day at the Varsity was as wonderful as mine (the Varsity is seriously so wonderful in every way!) and I can't wait for more details and pro pics!

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    First Congratulations! The party looked phenom. AND OMG YOU LOOKED AB FAB GORG!!! So so so Beautiful!!
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    Oh, thank you thank you everyone! You all are so kind to comment and you certainly know how to make a girl feel good!
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