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Canon in D...

Better for processional or recessional?

I love it & want it included somewhere, but in working on my programs I'm having a hard time figuring out where to put it!

Here's a link, to hear it.

Thoughts?  TIA ladies!  = )

Re: Canon in D...

  • colstj1colstj1 member
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    I will be using it for my processional! I love the song and we will be having it played on a harp!
  • dream2011dream2011 member
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    My girlfriend loves this song so much that she is having it played for her entrance as she doesnt like "here comes the bride"
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    I've only heard of it being used as a processional.  We're using more uptempo, upbeat music for the recessional.  More of a "hey, we're frickin' married!!!" vibe, if ya know what I mean :0)
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  • aligrossaligross member
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    I agree with PP we will be using it as our processional :) The recessional is more upbeat and really happy sounding!
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    Great, thanks ladies!  I'm thinking I'll be using it for my entrance.  = )
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    I've heard it at about 75% of weddings I've been to, and it's always been the processional.  We also used a more upbeat song for our  recessional.  

    Why not find a song that you really like that means something?
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    Steph - It's a Catholic wedding, so we can't have secular music.
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    Andi: We used it for our precessional, I agree with Steph use an upbeat/ceberation song as your exit.
  • Sarahsue1684Sarahsue1684 member
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    Im walking down the isle to it with my dad. I have the piano version by Miranda Wong. I found her on youtube and you can download from her website.

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    George Winston also has a really nice rendition of it, if you're allowed to use someone else's compilation.
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    I love that song as well and will be using it for the processional.
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  • tpender13tpender13 member
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    Ditto PPs, I've never heard it used as a recessional. I used an acoustic guitar version of it for my processional.
  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    We did it for our processional and it was perfect for us! We also got married in a catholic church and couldnt have secular music during the ceremony itself. They did allow appropriate (respectful and non vulgar) secular music for the pre and post songs though.

    And in case you are looking for a recessional option, we went with Jesu Joy by Bach for our recessional.
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