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Wedding Band Update

So last week I recieved my wedding band in the mail and it was the totally wrong one and I had to send it back to the jewelers. Well today they called me and said that they will be unable to get the matching band for my ring. The want me to send my e-ring to them so they can try to make a new band look similar to what it was supposed to be. Heres a picture of the wrong band in comparison to the new one they're going to try to change. I'm really upset because I really really really wanted them to match. Not only that but with this new one they're going to have to cut off a set of prongs so that the correct number of stones will be on it. I'm convinced this will look weird because the prongs actually go all the way down into the band, not just sticking up. So I'll have an empty prong base, with no actual prongs. Also the diamonds that are adjacts to each other will be sharing a set of prongs instead of having their own like mine. I know these might seem like minor details but I'm the type of person that notices that and it will forever bug me but I don't really know what other choice I have since I can't find anywhere else that has that band. :(

The "new" band is on the left, and the wrong band they sent me is on the right.

My ring is on the right.

Re: Wedding Band Update

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    Have you gone in to any local jewelry stores to see how their bands look with yours? I think you could probably find a closer facsimile if you just did a little searching. The whole cutting off prongs concept would make me nervous if I were you.

    My DH bought my e-ring from Blue Nile, but we didn't want to buy the "matching band" for three reasons a) it looked awkward in every picture on the site that it was paired with my e-ring b) it was way overpriced in comparison to my super reasonable e-ring and c) it just didn't get very good customer reviews. So, we went to Rogers and Holland and I tried on like 4 bands... and the 4th one looked more like a matching ring than Blue Nile's matching ring did.

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    I agree - check locally.  If you go to a private place, they may even be able to do a custom one for you to match exactly what you want.  Personally, I don't know that I could trust a company that goofed so badly the first try. 

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