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Cant decide.....

We are planning to book or venue here inthe next week or two and cant decide for sure between one or the other....
The first is everything I want but very over priced.. even with negotiating its 2000 over budget, plus drinks are 7$ plus, and guest would have to pay for parking, but very little decorating needed and it has a fire place!
The other is very nice and includes free parking and valet, with negotiating it is a very good price, you get more for your money, but needs decorating and no fireplace.....
I guess do I go with the one I love and pay a little more or the one I can deal with and save the extra money?
In the end will it really be worth it? I judt dont want to regrete my dicision.... HELP!! :)

Re: Cant decide.....

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    What venues are you looking at?

    As a guest the 7$ drinks would be pretty steep- are you considering hosting any of the drinks?

    Are there other areas in the budget you can play around with? Flowers, dress, transportation, etc-

    In the end, I would say go with what would do more for your guests having a a great time celebrating with you, which may mean the venue you don't like as much! Sorry I am not more help, if I saw the venues I would be able to "vote" a little more :)
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    I guess I would opt for the less expensive one. As a guest, I would not like to have to pay for parking. Honestly, guests remember the food way more than the decor. I'd put the money on food vs decorations any day. PP is right that $7 is steep. If you're hosting, that will add up so fast. If not, guests will probably be ticked about having to pay for $7 drinks on top of parking. In my experience, women who I've talked to who have been married a while will lament spending too much vs spending too little. 
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    I'd go with the cheaper one, too, based on the obnoxiously high bar costs (the prime reason we chose the venue we did) and parking, unless you're going to pay for both.  What you save could be put toward decorating... or not.
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    I would go cheaper, too.  Is it a winter wedding?  Is that why the fireplace is such a plus?  Are you sure there are not any venues out there with a better price but more of the features you want?
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    Personally I would go for the cheaper. I don't think I would like having to pay for parking.  If the cheaper one can save you money and still is beautiful inside, thats what I would go with. Then you can have extra money to put elsewhere, like into decorating the room! :D
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    I too agree that $7 for a drink is a bit steep. If I was a guest, I wouldn't want to pay $7 for a drink plus parking.
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    When you say it is $7 a drink does that mean for host bar or cash bar? Either way it sounds like venue two seems more convenient for you, given how much over budget the first one is.
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    I agree with all of the PPs.  Hands down to go with the cheaper venue!  Once you lock the venue/catering/drinks the vast majority of your budget is set.  You may find as you are planning that you want to add something and you will have little flexibility to do so.

    Good luck with decision making, I know how hard it is.  The one time in my life where I need to make a ton of decisions and I feel like I second guess everything I do!
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    I agree with everyone on the cheaper one. I would not want to pay for parking either and they are going to remeber that versus where or if there was a fireplace.
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    Thank you all for you response and feed back, I was thinking on the second one too, but I just needed a little feedback. Why do wedding have to be so much!?
    The venues we were deciding between were 317 on Rice and Edinburgh..... And yes it is a winter wedding, If any of you have any other ideas on venues we could look before we sign feel free to tell me and I can check them out( if I already have not). This shouldbe so much easier and its not!
    Thank you ladies again! And I hope your planning is going better then mine!

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