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I am starting to design our invitations and I have a question.  Where do I include our wedding website?  Is on the invitation wrong?  I really only wanted to have an invite attached to the pocket fold, and an RSVP card. All of the guest info is included on the site and I don't want to waste a bunch of paper printing extra things to include in the pocket fold. What have you ladies done?

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    Our invite was an actual invited attached to the 'pocketfold' (PIB!), RSVP postcard and one other insert- info on one side (including website) and map on the other.
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    We made up little business cards with the website on them (and some details about what they could find on the website).
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    We had a pocketfold that opened vertically (if that makes sense) where the invitation was attached to the inside of the top portion... and the actual pocket below contained an RSVP card and an "Additional Info" card where we gave quick directions, some brief info about the room block, and the URL for the wedding website. Yeah, it was an extra piece of paper... but it didn't provide nearly as much info as the wedding website. You also have to consider that some of your guests may not have easy access to a computer or a high level of computer literacy... so making them rely solely on the website may end up being a bigger PITA than anything.
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    We are doing 3 inserts. Accommodations, and Reception to get Meal Options and the RSVP Card. For me its easier to have the meal option and the rsvp in the same/one space.

    its up to you though. but I agree with Maybe that not all guests may be very computer savvy.
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