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Our Favorite Guest Book Entries :D

Since there has been a couple questions guest books in general I wanted to share some of our favorite guest book signatures...

What is your favorite memory of David and/or Shannan?
 (1) Mexico... when I found out David couldn't swim - Shannan's sister
(2) My house when they first hooked up - My BMs Mom
(3) What don't I have to say about this? Thanks for all the great times. - Friend from HS

Ideas for Date Night?
(1) Starcraft2 (computer game) - David's brother
(2) Every 28th of the month make it special ;) wink wink - My Great Aunt LMAO
(3) Shannan & David After you have kids set aside at least 10 minutes of every day  for each other and have a date night at least once a month.- 2nd Cousins

What is yoru Advice for the Newlyweds?

(1) David - Happy wife Happy life - Family Friend
(2) Don't take each other too seriously, laugh lots - Step Aunt and Uncle

What should David and Shannan always remember during a fight?
(1) Shannan & David, Love you Long Time. Remeber to forgive and Shannan always wins - Friend from HS
(2) It's better to be happy than right - Friend from HS
(3) Nobody wins, learn to compromise
(4) The other is right - My Cousin
(5) Never say something that will forever hurt the other - Friend from HS

What is something that David and Shannan should do during their marriage?
(1) Make Babies - David's AF Buddy

literally was the only thing on the page - which made us laugh even more.

Re: Our Favorite Guest Book Entries :D

  • aabrahams7aabrahams7 member
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    That is sooo cool! Such cute advice and def something you can keep and look back on!
  • MrsBassPlayaMrsBassPlaya member
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    So cute!  I love the questions.  I feel like people get intimidated if they just have to think of something brilliant to say, so having specific questions probably helps.

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    Wow that is really fun! Thanks for sharing...what a good idea for a guestbook!

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    Love your Great Aunt!  What a fun idea.
  • colstj1colstj1 member
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    Very cute to read! And I love that you had specific questions to make it more memorable to have :)
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    What funny and sweet comments!  Thanks for sharing.
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    No problem ladies. Granted we had some people sign their names under the questions, we wanted to hear people's ideas of common topics. (I have a couple great aunts that have made it around the world a couple times and DJ has a cousin that sky dives and does all this other fun extreme stuff. )

    At the end we had a general Anything else you want to say to David and Shannan where most people signed congrats and their names.

    ETA: We also had a page for Where should David and Shannan take their next vacation? and we had a couple people comment of other's suggestions which was cute.
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    So cute! I will have to do this for mine!! Great idea :)
  • Enchanted616Enchanted616 member
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    Very cute!  Who did you use to make your book again?

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_minnesota-minneapolis-st-paul_favorite-guest-book-entries-d?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:81Discussion:4377751b-abb4-4481-ba91-5a97f01c8c7ePost:5424fbb5-dace-4d48-8617-fe2e7c2f71ef">Re: Our Favorite Guest Book Entries :D</a>:
    [QUOTE]Very cute!  Who did you use to make your book again?
    Posted by Enchanted616[/QUOTE]

    Mixbook. I bought their $15 groupon for $50 worth of merchancise. (Our book was $39.99 I think or $49.99) I bought 3 so I could make a wedding album for the parents. I just say it again recently let me do some checking and see if it is still out there...
  • EmilyW416EmilyW416 member
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    Aww so cute!! I love it!
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    I like it! Now you are making me want to do something like this for mine! As PP's have said, it would be a good way to get a use out of our E-pics .
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    Its better to be happy that right - love that!!!!

    These are great questions to have in the guest book, I think we are going to do something similar!!! 


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