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Online RSVPs

Did anyone go this route, where you give them the direct link to the RSVP for theknot.com

OR they can call you if they aren't computer savvy???

Re: Online RSVPs

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    I'm doing online and phone RSVP's only.  I used weddingwire for my website instead of the Knot since I don't like their RSVP tool (you have to enter the party leader to find a group of names that are on the same invite).  The really cool thing is that it emails me whenever I get a new RSVP, so I get excited instantly!!

    So far response has been really good.  There are definitely some that are not computer savy, so we also gave the option that they call and RSVP with my mom.  Several have taken advantage of that so far. 
  • mn2italymn2italy member
    edited December 2011
    I'm interested to hear from people who went this route too.

    FI and I considered it but were talked out of by my SIL. She said it was hard enough getting people to return pre-stamped reply cards that asking them to go online would be just one more step they would have to do. Also if I had to reply No I would feel uncomfortable calling the bride and groom unless they were really close friends, but that's just me.

    But it must work for some people because it's an option. Like I said, I'm interested to hear from someone who's done it.
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    I haven't gotten any 'no' responses by phone yet.  But from what I've heard, those that can't make it tend to be the ones that don't send in the RSVP card anyway.  I'm sure they'll be the ones we have to call after the RSVP date.
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    how did you get the RSVP tracker in your signature?

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    I found the instructions here: http://sites.google.com/site/knotcodes/
    Scroll to the bottom and they are there. You have to manually update the numbers.
  • hkieslinghkiesling member
    edited December 2011
    We did online and paper.  I'd say we had about a 50/50 turnout.  i don't think anyone over 50 used the online ones. 
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    We are using the online RSVP with our weebly site.  Our friend who designed our invites also used this and said they only had 3 people who did not use the online RSVP.  I like it because it saves money and a couple of trees :)
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