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Let's make a list of...Florists

These list's are SUPER helpful & we don't have one for florists, as far as I can tell.

Please respond with your florist & if possible a link to their website.  Here's what's come up so far...

Luna Vinca
- http://www.lunavinca.com/
Martha's Garden - http://marthasfloralstudio.com/
Forget Me Not Floral Events - http://forgetmenotfloralevents.com/
Intuitive Blooms - http://intuitiveblooms.com/
Petals and Sprigs and Twigs - http://petalsandsprigsandtwigs.com/
Simply Stated Elegance - http://www.simplystatedelegance.com/
Deven Nelson - http://devennelson.com/
I DO Flowers - http://www.idoflowers.biz/
Studio Emme - http://studioemme.us/
Forever Floral - http://www.foreverfloralonline.net/

I'll organize & put in alphabetical order, once the thread is done!  = )

Re: Let's make a list of...Florists

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