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Remember my registry stalker FI...

Tomorrow we have our second shower. I've checked our registry a few times, but I decided not to check it this last week because I thought it would be fun to have it as a surprise. This is a facebook message from my FI I got this morning:

I just checked our Target and Macy's registry and we now have:
Target - Convection Oven, 8 inch skillet, meat tenderizer, apple wedger, egg slicer, and boggle
Macy's - Spice rack, 14 piece cookware set, and set of luggage

I'm so excited that people are buying these expensive things that we want!! I'm also very excited to marry you and move in with you so we can use all this new stuff!! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow at work. Love you!

Well, I guess it's not a surprise anymore, but I am excited for our pots and pans!

Re: Remember my registry stalker FI...

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    Aw, that's so sweet that he's that excited about it too (and of course his msg to you was super sweet!)  I was terrible about checking our registries, I'm talking every day I was scoping 'em out!  But even though I saw the things ahead of time, it was so fun to open them, some of the stuff I had forgotten about, and so many people went shopping like the night before or hours before because we got so much stuff @ the showers that we didn't know was bought beforehand!  So fun though, yay for you!!
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    hahahaa I love it!! That is very cute :) But yeah, would have been nice to be a little surprised!  Oh guys.... I love that he's totally into it though, that's awesome!
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    I could see Josh getting really into our registry too when we do ours, glad to see that Zach's excited about it :-D
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    That is so funny, and what a sweet note!

     DH made fun of me for stalking our registry, but then I discovered that he was doing it, too! Boys are weird sometimes.
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    omg cute!  FI doesnt even know whats on our registry... I dont even think he knows WHERE were registered lol
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