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NWR: Running my First 10K tmrw!

So as my motivation to get in gear - not just for the wedding, but to establish a healthy lifestyle (Hi Mom) - I recruited a BM to set up an exercise routine for me this summer, and she signed us up for the Time to Fly 10K.

My schedule hasn't exactly allowed me to fully train for this thing (well that & I've refused to get up earlier to run in the AM), but I did run 5 miles on Tues for the first time in like 12 years!  Still, I'm a little nervous.  Never ran 6.2 mi before all at once.  We made a plan - no walking or water at ALL until mile 4 - and we're carbo-loading tonight.

So GL to anyone else who's doing a race this weekend!  Or just "racing" around town!
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Re: NWR: Running my First 10K tmrw!

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    Awesome for you!  I'm still working on getting my butt into shape.  

    Make sure you check back and let us know how it goes!
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    Congrats and goodluck!!! :-)
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    That is awesome and sooo good for you!!!  You can do this!!!  One of my gfs just ran a half marathon with almost no training...  She ran 5 miles about a month before her race and occasionally here and there before that but that's it!  But she finished!!!  so you can do this!!   Let us know how it goes!!   Good luck!
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    Good luck!  That is such a huge accomplishment! Go kick some butt!

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    10K = DONE!

    We finished in ~62 min, and I had a TON of steam left - I sprinted the last 0.2mi!  My friend (BM) kept us on pace for the first 3mi, and I kept us going on pace the 2nd half... we trained together, so I wanted us to stay together, so when she walked, I kept a slow jog & she caught up to me after her breaks.  But if not for that, I wonder how much faster I could have finished! I could have jogged another mile or 2! I can't believe I just did that.

    Now she wants to enter the lottery for the TC 10-mile & train for that!!  My next goal is to get faster at completing 5Ks.  FI says no more big running commitments until the wedding plans are more solid tho... and I see his point.

    Advice to all - get out & get your body movin!  It feels great!
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  • nerdygirl816nerdygirl816 member
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    Way to go! I was there this morning doing the 5K!
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