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NWR: cake pops and cake balls

This is a PR btw. I want to make some for mother's day but I've never made or had any before. So sad I know. I hear they're very yummy. So tell me what is your favorite combination? Do you have any recipes you could share? Any from scratch would be awesome too. Can't say I have a large variety of cake mix, frosting or coating flavors to choose from. Just the basic standard flavors lol.

Re: NWR: cake pops and cake balls

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    I've eaten oreo balls and they're SO GOOD!!!!! I have no idea how though but I'm sure you can look it up.

    I ate the ones that were dipped in either chocolate or white chocolate.
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    I LOVE cake balls mmmmmmmmmmm

    They're a PIA to make but they are so worth it

    My go-to recipe:

    1 box regular cake mix (I normally do regular chocolate)
    1 can frosting (I normally do plain ol vanilla, or buttercream, or whatever is on sale)
    A few bags of Wilton's candy melts (I like the chocolate ones the best... vanilla never melts right for me)

    Prepare the cake mix per the box's instructions.  Let cool completely.
    Cut up cooled cake into chunks... process in food processor until a powder.
    Put powder into a bowl and mix with 3/4 can of frosting until it is a workable texture.
    Form cake balls.. place on baking sheet.  Put into fridge for a few hours so they're nice and cold.
    Once cake balls are cold and firm, melt a bowl of Wilton's candy melts per bag's instructions.
    Take a few cake balls out at a time, dip and cover with a melted candy using a spoon.. place on a separate baking sheet to harden (sprinkle with sprinkles/sugar before candy hardens if you want).
    Repeat until all cake balls are covered.

    I'm lucky if these things make it an entire weekend in my house without being devoured.
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    OMG!!! My mom & grandma made them for my shower!!  Red velvet with cream cheese frosting!!!!! OMG...and they were dipped in white chocolate!
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    Eliz77Eliz77 member
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    I'm attempting to make cake pops as party favors...one of my BMs makes  them for parties so we'll do a trial run! I'm mostly worried about decorating them. We're decorating as bride/groom, bride will be red velvet with creamcheese frosting and groom in devils chocolate cake/frosting. Here's what the finished product is to look like...HOPEFULLY!!!

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    Nati - I went on this kick where I made cake balls once a week. It was B A D. I did exactly what k8888 described.  One time we did chocolate cake, vanilla frosting, and oreo crumbles and it was AMAZING. oh, and with white chocolate candyquick on the outside. MMM MMM MMM. i want one now. 
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