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2 major CHECKS and a question

Hi, everyone!  I finally, just 30 minutes ago, mailed out all of our invitations, and I'm SO glad to be done with them!  I even sent invitations to Barack Obama, Mark Dayton, and Al Franken, just to see if I get any kind of response.  Except for the printing, they were 100% handmade, and have consumed my life for the past 3 weeks, so I'm so happy to finally be able to move on to something else.  I've actually got 2 left to mail, one of them to a BM, but the other is to my uncle in Egypt, and I just found out today that all mail service has been cut off to Egypt.  Grrr.

The other check is that we finally got the manwear fitted and contracted.  We went to Men's Wearhouse in Burnsville with FI and all the GM to get them fitted, now I just have to wait for my nephew (RB), officiant, and possibly my brothers (ushers) and dad to get fitted.  I'm still not completely sold on the idea of the ushers and my dad matching the WP.

Are any of you having your ushers and fathers match the WP?  I guess I've never paid much attention to whether it's done, but FI and one of the GM seem to think they should also get tuxes.  One of my brothers would need to get a new suit anyway since he's taken up running again and lost a bunch of weight, but is it worth it?

Re: 2 major CHECKS and a question

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    Congrats on the invites! :)

    The fathers & ushers for us are having the same style vests as the WP but they are going to be in plain black instead of the wedding colors. The fathers also are going to wear whatever tie they like.
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    Congrats on the checks, I know how you feel about the invites!

    As far as tuxes...we are not having ushers, the GM will be taking care of that.  The dads and RB will be wearing the same tuxes, but with bow ties rather than skinny ties.

    Now the fun part begins, getting RSVPs in the mail :) I've never been so excited to get tha mail everyday, haha

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    Everyone is wearing the same style-just in different color combos (our colors are royal blue and silver)

    FI: black tux, blue shirt (he insisted…but we'll see at our try on next week if he actually likes it), and silver vest/tie

    Groomsman/ushers: black tux, white shirt, blue vest/tie

    Dad: Black tux, white shirt, silver vest/tie.

    Congrats on getting your invites…I'm not looking forward to having to tackle that task...
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    Yay! Your invites are beautiful and I have slight invite envy!

    As far as Ushers, ours will be Military and will be wearing their Mess Dress uniform (same as FI) - however, if they were not we would not have them match the rest of the WP. My uncle is giving me away and I told him he didn't have to wear a Tux. He hates them with a passion so he is wearing a suit. No idea on colors yet. FFIL is also going to wear a suit. He also hates tuxes and thinks they are too formal for a wedding (don't know if I agree with that- but I want him to be comfortable) Still undetermined on colors.
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    That is so funny that you sent to those guys! I can see the local ones at least sending you a card. You MUST post if they do!

    I really want our ushers to match the GM, but that is because of the historical theme of our wedding. I want continuity with the cutaway coats we've picked. FI has yet (grrrr!) to pick and usher from his side (since we agreed on one from each). When he does, we will have to see what the guy can afford. My dad will probably wear the same outfit as the GM.
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    Our usher matched our groomsman because we had such a small wedding party. It would have looked goofy to have just one guy in a different vest who wasn't the groom.  Everyone had the exact same tux (GM, Dads, Usher) but we had 3 colored vests.  DH had an ivory, Dads had Black and GM/Usher had red. 
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    My Ushers are wearing the same as GM but with black vests and red ties instead of red vests and red ties.  The dads are wearing black vests with black ties.

    So they don't all match, but each set of guys match each other so they are recognized appropriately.
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    I think you could do a minor difference like a tie or vest and that would be ok for the ushers.

    PS I've met Al Franken and I feel like he would send a response if he were to get it lol hes quite a character!
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    um.... I need pictures!

    Let's see... same tux for all the guys.

    H: ivory tie and ivory vest
    Dad: black tie and black vest
    ushers: orange tie and black vest
    GMs: orange tie and orange vest
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    Our Father's are going to wear their own suits... All guys will be in the same Tux style/color etc. The only difference will be the ushers are wearing different vest/tie color, jr. groomsmen will be in a different color vest/tie and the groomsmen will be in a different color vest and tie. The patterns will all be the same but the colors will be different!

    Can we see pictures of the invites? Congrast on getting those done!!! WAHOO!
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    DH wore a black tux, black vest and black tie.

    GM, Ushers & my dad all wore black suits (just had them wear their own), white shirts and the same tie which we provided. 
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    I think its a regional thing for the ushers to wear tuxes versus suits they already own. All the weddings in the mid-west I've been to have had the ushers in tuxes like the groomsmen, but usually a different color vest/tie. I think for most weddings in other parts of the county, the ushers just wear a suit they already own.
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    [QUOTE]I think its a regional thing for the ushers to wear tuxes versus suits they already own. All the weddings in the mid-west I've been to have had the ushers in tuxes like the groomsmen, but usually a different color vest/tie. I think for most weddings in other parts of the county, the ushers just wear a suit they already own.
    Posted by emilykathleen511[/QUOTE]

    <div>I think you're right.  I didn't care what the ushers wore, but they were my two (teenage) brothers.  My mom figured she'd have to drop $100 on suits anyway, and they'd outgrow 'em.  And my 12-year old brother was all upset he didn't get to wear a tux.  ;)</div>
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